I spent the day at the Museum Of Natural History in New York with the kids today…

I love that place – They had such a great time (and so did I!!)

There were so many great examples of how animals protect themselves…just like this picture below. It made me wonder why so many traders don’t even take the most basic steps to defend themselves.

At the most basic level all traders should use stop losses to prevent small losses turning into large losses… But it goes far beyond that. Traders should consider the risk they take on each stock trade, the number of simultaneous trades they hold, the total exposure they take on and many more risk control measures.

Only by talking these steps can you really start to protect yourself in the market and stop allowing your trading account to be damaged by unexpected events.

In the Enlightened Stock Trader Development Program I teach traders how to protect themselves with several different methods to ensure they stay in the game and don’t lose too much money.

If you are losing money in the stock market then chances are this program is exactly what you need.

Comment below or click the link and enter your details to learn more…


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