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Reading trading books gives you perspectives and insights that are hard to find by just browsing the web. If you are on your journey to becoming a successful trader, you will have picked up at least one trading book since you started your trading journey. That trading book could have been the famous “Market Wizards: Interviews with Top Traders” by Jack D. Schwager or one of his other books from his Market Wizards series like “Hedge fund Market Wizards” or “Hedge Fund Market Wizards.”

On the other hand, if you are old school or like to read books that have been popular across generations, that first trading book could also have been “Reminiscences of a Stock Operator”, which some say is based on, and others say was inspired by the life of the legendary trader Jesse Livermore.

Regardless of which was the first trading book you picked or the number of trading books you have read, you would still be itching to read more but won’t have the time for it. That’s why we created this collection of trading book reviews and articles – to help traders like you find the resources you need to improve your trading fast.

At Enlightened Stock trading, we help you become a successful trader by teaching you how to create profitable trading strategies. We also help you learn from trading greats like Jesse Livermore and other market wizards quickly and efficiently.

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Many traders who come to the market want to start earning quickly; there’s nothing wrong with that. However, to do so, you must at least have some knowledge about the markets you want to trade, how they operate and what trading techniques and trading strategies work in those markets. All the great market wizards you read or know about learnt those things before becoming the successful trader you know them to be today.

So how can you learn those things? Simple, start from the basics and to help you out with that, here is a FREE stock trading resource to learn stock trading and crypto trading & improve your trading fast:

The articles in this collection will teach you about Jesse Livermore’s trading style, position sizing techniques developed by Van Tharp, Mark Douglas’s tips to improve your trading psychology and many more things in a few minutes.

Remember, anyone who became great at trading, including all the market wizards, might have had a different trading style, but they all shared a few common characteristics. All of them developed a math-driven analytical mindset and developed a trading strategy or multiple trading strategies that suited their personality. You can learn about developing that same mindset and how to create a trading strategy that suits your personality by watching more videos on our YouTube channel or by reading our articles on the Enlightened Stock trading website.

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