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Most novices who start trading for the first time often rely on other traders and market participants for stock trading tips. This approach can be considered natural in other industries and professions, especially ones that require an apprenticeship. However, in trading, this can prove deadly. One must seek guidance from market veterans and profitable traders, but only those that have consistently been profitable and have years of experience behind them.

Usually, such veterans and profitable traders have one trading strategy they have mastered, or with years of experience, they would have multiple such trading strategies in their arsenal. If amateurs want to turn pros in this game, they must focus on developing their own trading strategy. Once you have mastered that one trading strategy, you can think about creating multiple trading strategies that work in different market conditions.

At Enlightened stock trading, our goal is precisely that. First, to teach you how different markets behave, then what works in those markets, and finally, how to develop a trading strategy on your own. Our videos on stock trading tips are different from other videos you will find on the same or similar topics.

We are not in the business of providing discrete stock tips to unsuspecting amateur traders or selling them dreams of turning a small sum of money overnight into millions. Instead, Enlightened stock trading focuses primarily on teaching you how to think. Once you have mastered that, you can create your own swing trading strategy or even a scalping trading strategy if you desire.

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In this collection of articles you will find trading strategy tips that will teach you how to generate consistent returns from the market without wasting too much of your time and taking a lot of emotional and physical stress. Moreover, you will also learn how to analyze your trading records and measure the performance of your trading strategy.

We also have Q&A videos and articles on niche topics like what to do if you have multiple trading strategies giving a buy signal simultaneously and you only have limited capital to trade in your account. If you have traded for some time now, you would be aware that market conditions change from time to time. Should you change your trading strategy when that happens? You can find the answer to that in one of our videos too.
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Finally, being market veterans and consistently profitable traders for decades, we also understand why systematic traders fail at times even with the best trading strategy. The answer is simple – they stop following their backtested trading strategy and start modifying it when it is in a drawdown. Do you want to know how you can ensure that you follow your trading strategy at all times without having second thoughts? Great, we have a video on that too.

In our Enlightened stock trading website you will find multiple FREE articles and resources that we have curated especially for you to improve your trading, find an edge and develop a trading strategy from scratch that works.

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