When developing new strategies, I get ideas from browsing around. I follow some experts and listen to Top Traders Unplugged, which are all high-quality institutional hedge fund managers and there’s so much insight listening to them.

There’s also a guy who manages his own portfolio and mentioned Amibroker, he said, “Amibroker has a really good tool to use for stock and hours. Thus, I’m on the right track.”

Then two guys talked about, “you can exploit negative schooners if a stock has this very strong negative schooners relative to the past-time, it’s exploitable.” And it’s like getting certain ideas. These ideas resonate with me, and I get this feeling that this is worth analyzing.

This is just the hinge, it’s not rational, and it’s very intuitive. I followed these hinges, and this got me into seasonal strategies. I was following this guy on Instagram, wherein he did a lot of season strategies, and I found this other guy who also did a lot of stuff with Amibroker and looked very professional. Then I found on Better Systems Trader, a guy who did seasonal strategy and he wrote a book about season strategies. I read the book and then I got hooked, “I am going to analyze Ultimo and turn around Tuesday effect because these strategies are the most promising.” So this is how I work.

The most important thing is to realize how do you work. Because my approach might be not suitable for you, but I realize that if I have an open mind, scanning my information sources for ideas, I get intuitive interest. Like, take this and that on your bucket list, then analyze this next. Then identify where are my weaknesses and my strategy portfolio, then combining, these three topics are the most interesting, but this is the main topic, the main weakness in my strategy portfolio right now. Take this idea which meets this weakness. Therefore, this is how I do it.

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