Podcast Interviews With Adrian Reid

Want to listen to Adrian being interviewed on systematic stock trading or crypto trading? Below you will find links to interviews on a wide range of podcasts and topics. Listen and comment below each post if you have any questions!




In this interview Adrian discusses:

  • Why traders should consider the crypto markets right now,
  • The mistakes most traders make with crypto,
  • Choosing the best exchanges, data and software for crypto trading,
  • Why buy and old is a bad approach to crypto and what you should do instead,
  • The types of strategies that work in the crypto markets right now,
  • The 3 types of risk in the crypto space (and how to reduce them),
  • How to overcome limitations in crypto data, plus
  • Regime filters, optimization, stop losses, backtesting, robustness, auto trading, price behaviour and much more.

In this interview Adrian discusses:

  • The 5 key areas traders must address to build confidence in a trading system,
  • Significance testing – why it’s important to strip a strategy down to just the core components and how to determine which components are really driving performance,
  • Why the transition from backtesting a strategy to trading it live can be a difficult and uncertain one, and the preparation steps you need to take to make the transition smooth,
  • How a technique called ‘start-date stepping’ can provide valuable insights into how a strategy could really perform in live trading,
  • Plus, performance profiling across market conditions, sensitivity testing, why traders lose discipline, testing strategy rules in reverse, and much more.
Talking trading

In this interview Adrian discusses:

  • Setting up and documenting your trading system rules
  • executing them as expected
  • what to look for when you are backtesting
  • data collection
  • the problem of curve fitting and the importance of having stability of an edge

In this interview Adrian discusses:

  • What things cause traders financial pain
  • Human psychology and the need to be right
  • Being clear on your objectives and how much you are prepared to lose
  • Getting serious about developing systems and profitable rules
  • Portfolio CPR and resuscitating your system
  • What it takes for trading success.
Traderwave academy

On this episode, Adrian discusses about the principles of profitable independent trading through the development of your own personalized portfolio of trading systems.


Looking for new crypto strategies to implement? Adrian Reid comes on the show to talk about systematic trading within the cryptocurrency markets. He dedicates his time to empowering other traders to be successful, and works with traders all over the world to share his knowledge. Systematic trading utilizes historical data to guide strategies; it is rule based, so your decisions don’t have to work off of emotions or guesses. If you want to learn more about effective cryptocurrency investing, be sure to tune in for great insights.

Financial investing radio podcast

In this episode, we learn the secrets of systematic growth for your portfolio. 

Cryptogic podcast

On this episode, Adrian discusses about what is systematic trading all about and what are some powerful tips and insights for trading crypto successfully.

Market adventure logo

On this episode, Adrian discusses about how to make a profit trading stocks and some powerful tips and insights for stock trading.

On this episode, Adrian discusses if beginners should trade overseas stock markets and shares some insights about this topic.

  • Stock trading for beginners
  • Steps on how to begin stock trading
  • Most common trading mistakes
  • How to survive in the markets
  • What does it take to be a successful stock trader
  • Why is stock trading hard
Financial freedom for fathers podcast

On this episode, Adrian discusses about how stock traders become successful and offers stock trading tips for better trading career.

Lifeblood podcast logo

• Successful trading
• How the markets have evolved over the past 25 years
• What it takes to be a successful trader
• How to get started with stock trading

In this episode, Adrian discusses: • The Key to Managing Your Investment Portfolio • How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Trading • Questions to Ask Your Financial Advisor
Passive income network
In this episode, Sea Will & Adrian Reid talk about trading equities in the USA and international markets.
Screw the stock market

In this episode, Adrian shares valuable tips most especially about not trading with your emotions to avoid losses and focusing on trend following to earn despite the stocks or cryptocurrency’s volatility.


In this episode, Adrian discusses:
Stock trading systems
Markets all over the world
Strategies and understand trading
How to be a successful trader

Personal brank talk

In this episode, Adrian discusses:
How to be a successful trader
Quality to see on a coach or a mentor
Strategies and understand trading
Mistakes that you see newbies make
Can people trade successfully over the long term

How to trade it podcast

In this episode, Adrian discusses:
Adrian’s fascination with stocks
How to know when it’s time to quit your day job
Adrian’s daily process
Backtesting the right way
How to maximize profits
Managing risk and drawdown

Kiss my money podcast

Learning to trade
Trading programs
Building wealth

The eric mueller show

Highlights of the episode:
· The only control you have after buying a stock is when to exit
· When you encounter a new challenge, get curious not frustrated
· Focus on becoming a good trader, not solely on making money
· The trading system that works for you must fit your personality, objectives, and lifestyle
· The danger of following the advice of a “financial guru”
· The fast way vs. the slow way of paying for trading education

Crypto leviathan logo

In this episode, Adrian discusses:
How to be a successful Crypto trader
Investing in Crypto
Taxes in Crypto
Trading portfolio in different market conditions

Money and business hero logo

In this episode, Adrian discusses:
How to be a successful trader
What is systematic trading
Investing in the stock market
Strategies and understand trading
How to maximize profits

Weinvested logo

In this episode, Adrian discusses:
What is systematic trading
Trading system that fits each individual
Strategies and understand trading
Stock trading courses


In episode 387 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, we will be listening to the recording of an interview with Adrian Reid who’s making a living trading for 20+ years. Hear about Adrian’s journey from no plans to staying in the game with simple and successful trading strategies. Find out why it’s more satisfying for him to follow his systems than closing a trade. If you’re looking for strategies on how to become a highly-profitable systematic trader, you need to tune in!

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