At the San Diego Zoo (which is spectacular by the way), they are doing a great job of helping prevent extinction of many species of animal… as a trader you run the risk of extinction if your approach is too finely tuned to one set of market conditions.

This is one of the biggest trading mistakes you can make – having a single approach that is highly tuned to a specific set of market conditions. The solution – learn to design and backtest systems so you can be profitable in all different market types.

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Have you been to the zoo and read all about the animals that are endangered and uh, and also to become extinct and all of that. It’s really sad. And, um, the San Diego Zoo, I’m here, it’s on the cable car right now doing an amazing job of, um, of, of helping to repopulate and protect animals. Um, and walking around and looking at the, you know, all of the animals that are endangered. It kinda reminds me of, of traders who are, um, you know, not able to adapt to the changing market conditions. One of the big challenges that we face as traders is the market conditions change all the time. And one of the biggest mistakes that you can make is uh, using an approach which is only suited to a very particular set of market conditions. If you do that, your profits are endangered, your survival’s a trader, you’re in danger.
There’s a species because you know, in order to survive he need to be able to make money of course, a wide range of different market conditions. So that means a couple of things. Either you have a trading system which is really robust and stable and managers to make some money over all market conditions, which is actually really tough cause you know, markets go up and markets go down. Well the other thing you can do is have a number of different trading systems that each profit from a different types of marketing musicians, you know, um, smooth trending markets, Bolthouse sideways markets, declining markets. And the skill you need in order to develop those different trading systems is the ability to back test and design your own trading systems. So when again, one of the biggest mistakes and traders make is not having a systems or approaches that are profitable in different market conditions.
If that’s you and you need to learn how to design, practice your own trading systems so that you can develop systems that profit from different market types, different, um, different types of market conditions so that you’re not in danger as a trader so that your profitability is not in danger. Because the last thing you want to do is become one of those extincts traders. There’s enough traders that have blown up in this world, you don’t need to be one of them. And the solution is just to develop, is simply to develop trading systems that profit from different market conditions. And if you need to help to develop trading systems and you need to get into the trader success system, comment below and let me know how you’re going with your trading. If you need help to develop your own training system. So we’ll learn how to build trading systems for different types of market conditions. A comment below, comment trading systems, and I’ll help you out. So again, the biggest mistake traders are making that I see is they’re not using trading systems or they have a trading system or approach, which is to precisely tuned to one set of market and conditions. So my name’s Adrian Reid. This is enlightened stock trading and I’m going to go finish enjoying the San Diego Zoo. We get off the cable car in just a minute and a finished showing the kids around. So I’ll see you in the next video. Bye for now.

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