This is the Amibroker Charts section of The Ultimate Free Amibroker Tutorial Guide. In this section of the guide I have collated the best Amibroker tutorial videos related to charting available for free on YouTube. This will save you hours of searching for decent Ambroker videos about charting.

There are a huge number of Amibroker tutorials avilable online, however, sadly many are very low quality, difficult to understand or long and rambling. In this Ultimate Free Amibroker Tutorial Guide, I have assembled the best Amibroker free tutorial videos from many different YouTube Channels so that you don’t have to go searching – they are all here for you.

The Amibroker tutorials are divided into groups based on what aspect of using Amibroker they cover. Cick the links blow to navigate to each section of the guide and also to access the videos in each section. I have explained what you will learn in each video and how long the video is so that you know exactly what you are getting.


The Ultimate Free Amibroker Tutorial Guide | Contents

  1. Amibroker Formula Language (Amibroker AFL)
  2. Amibroker Tutorial
  3. ApplyStop Amibroker
  4. Amibroker Functions
  5. Amibroker Indicators
  6. Amibroker Scanner
  7. Amibroker Exploration
  8. Amibroker Charts
  9. Amibroker Backtesting
  10. Amibroker Trading Systems

Table of Contents

Amibroker Charting Tutorial |Amibroker Quant Trading Course 2.6 Chart sheets, Templates and Layouts

In this short Amibroker charting tutorial video you will learn how to use multiple chart sheets to save different indicator or system layouts. You will also learn how to use templates to save your Amibroker charts for reuse. Quick video which will be helpful for new Amibroker charting users and learn to use the Amibroker charting software

Viewing Time: 00:01:28
Channel Name: AlgoJi

Amibroker Charting Tutorial |Export PNG Image of Price Chart from Amibroker

In this very quick Amibroker charting tutorial video you will learn how to export a PNG image of your chart from Amibroker. This is particularly useful if you need images of your charts for your trading diary or trading journal. 

Viewing Time: 00:01:46
Channel Name: Stock Market

Amibroker Charting Tutorial |Let’s Learn Amibroker: How To Plot Your Trading System On A Chart (including buy/sell Arrows)

In this useful Amibroker charting tutorial video from Dave at ASX MarketWatch you will learn how to plot your trading system on a chart so you can visually see the indicators and buy / sell arrows on the chart. This is useful for ensuring your system is behaving as expected as well as for monitoring your stocks for buy and sell signals once you have open positions. The video explains how to use the Amibroker Plot Function and illustrates how to use the plot function with a simple bollinger band trading system. The video also demonstrates how to use the Amibroker Plotshapes function to plot the buy and sell arrows for your trading system.

Viewing Time: 00:11:26
Channel Name: DaveASXWatch

Amibroker Charting Tutorial |Part 1 Amibroker basics , Loading Charts and Indicators on Amibroker Software

This Amibroker charting tutorial video a wide range of basic charting functions and formulas. The tutorial video starts from the basics including opening and formatting a basic price chart and adding indicators to your chart. A useful tip from the video is using the mouse scroll button to switch between stocks on your chart. This is a quick watch which will be helpful if you are brand new to Amibroker charting.

Viewing Time: 00:05:14
Channel Name: Stocks On Fire

Amibroker Charting Tutorial |Vertical Selection Line in Amibroker [VSL]

This short Amibroker charting tutorial video demonstrates how to use and customise the vertical selection line tool in on your Amibroker charts. This is a quick and easy way to inspect the values of the Open / High / Low / Close / Volume values on each price bar as well as the values of any indicators you have plotted on your chart. Quick and easy watch.

Viewing Time: 00:02:02
Channel Name: AlgoJi

Amibroker Charting Tutorial |Amibroker Quant Trading Course 2.61 Layouts

This amibroker charting tutorial video demonstrates how to create and save chart layouts. The video explains global layouts which allow you to create layouts which can be used across multiple databases.

Viewing Time: 00:02:02
Channel Name: AlgoJi

Amibroker Charting Tutorial |Amibroker Symbol Link Feature Explained

This Amibroker charting tutorial video from MarketCalls demonstrates how you can link different chart windows together so that you can view multiple timeframes of charts for the same symbol. When you use the symbol link feature in Amibroker charts you will be able to change the symbol in one chart and the symbol will also change in all of the other linked charts. This is useful if you are looking at multiple timeframes when making your trading decisions.

Viewing Time: 00:03:54
Channel Name: marketcalls

Amibroker Charting Tutorial |Changing Amibroker Chart Background Color

If you can ignore the annoying background music (I suggest you mute your video while you watch this one), then this Amibroker tutorial video will show you how to change the background colour scheme of your charts. The chart colour settings are not easy to find, so watch this tutorial from NivekTrader so you can set up your charts to your liking.

Viewing Time: 00:03:02
Channel Name: NivekTrader

Amibroker Charting Tutorial | AmiBroker Bar Replay – Replaying historical data

In this Amibroker charting tutorial video from StocksDeveloper AutoTrader you will learn how to use the Amibroker bar replay function. This is useful primarily for discretionary technical analysis where you are required to make subjective trading decisions based on what you see on the charts. The bar replay function may also be useful to help you generate ideas for trading system development.

If you want to understand how your trading strategy is doing at each bar to see how they behave as the price data unfolds in an accelerated manner.

Viewing Time: 00:06:40 minutesChannel Name: AutoTrader StocksDeveloper

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