This is the Amibroker Indicator section of The Ultimate Free Amibroker Tutorial Guide. Below you will find some useful videos I have found which explain how to use particular indicators and related functions in the Amibroker Formula Language.

There are a huge number of Amibroker tutorials avilable online, however, sadly many are very low quality, difficult to understand or long and rambling. In this Ultimate Free Amibroker Tutorial Guide, I have assembled the best free Amibroker tutorial videos from many different YouTube Channels so that you don’t have to go searching – they are all here for you. 

The Amibroker tutorials are divided into groups based on what aspect of using Amibroker they cover. Cick the links blow to navigate to each section of the guide and also to access the videos in each section. I have explained what you will learn in each video and how long the video is so that you know exactly what you are getting. 

Amibroker Indicators Tutorial | Amibroker Tutorial – Part IV : Custom Indicator Installation

This Amibroker tutorial video from Market calls shows you how to install a customer indicator that you download from the web into your Amibroker software so it is accessible from the charts menu to drag and drop onto your charts or for use in your trading system afl code files. 

Channel: marketcalls
Watch Time:  00:04:36

Amibroker Indicators Tutorial |Amibroker Quant Trading Course 4.2 Economic Indicators

In this Amibroker Tutorial Video AlgoJi shows you how to download economic indicator data for use in Amibroker. This could be useful if you want to use economic indicators as a filter in your trading systems. Once imported you can plot the economic indicators in your Amibroker charts and also use them in your trading systems.

Amibroker Functions Mentioned:

Channel: AlgoJi
Watch Time: 00:03:57

Amibroker Indicators Tutorial |Analysing Sentiment Data in Amibroker

In this Amibroker Tutorial Video Llewelyn demonstrates how to find and incorporate investor sentiment data into Amibroker for analysis. Once you have sentiment data in Amibroker you can use it as a Foreign instrument to filter your trading signals so you only trade in conditions that are positive for your trading system. Of course signals for sentiment data like this should be backtested to ensure it improves the edge of your trading system.

Channel: Llewelyn James
Watch Time: 00:09:47

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