There are a huge number of built in Amibroker Functions that you can use to design your stock trading systems. Unfortunately there are only a small number of good quality amibroker tutorial videos available for free online, however I have assembeled a number of Amibroker Function Tutorial videos that I have found useful in this section of The Ultimate Free Amibroker Tutorial Guide.

In the videos below you will learn how to use the optimize function, the Cross function, Moving Averages and RSI for your Amibroker trading systems.

If you find any other useful Amibroker free tutorial videos covering different functions please post in the comments below and I will include them in this guide!

The Ultimate Free Amibroker Tutorial Guide – Amibroker (AFL) Functions

The links below will take you to each of the Amibroker Tutorial Videos I have included on this page about different AFL functions

The Amibroker Minimum and Maximum Functions

In this Amibroker Tutorial video taken from my Amibroker Launchpad Course explains how you can use the minimum min() and maximum function max() in AFL. These allow you to compare two values and return the minimum or maximum of the two values. I use these functions in many different ways, but one in particular is in position sizing so that I can combine two different position size models (Like % risk and % of equity) and select the one which gives the smaller postion size to use in my trading system. This video gives you a sneak peak into the Amibroker Launchpad Course – I decided to share it here to give you a flavour for the type of training you can expect when you join the Amibroker Launchpad Course.

Viewing Time: 2.50 minutes
Channel Name: Enlightened Stock Trading

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How to Use The Optimize Function in Amibroker

In this Amibroker Tutorial video you will learn how to run an optimization in Amibroker using the Optimize function. The tutorial was created by myShares in an older version of Amibroker but most of the details are still relevant in the current version so don’t worry if your version looks a little different. In this example the video runs a dual parameter optimization using the optimize function on two different moving averages in the system. It explains how to use the default / minimum value / maximum value and step size to control your optimization.

Viewing Time: 10.20 minutes
Channel Name: myShares 
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Let’s Learn Amibroker: How to Use the Cross Function for RSI or Moving Averages

In this Amibroker Tutorial video, Dave from ASX Market Watch explains how to use the Amibroker cross function to generate entry and exit signals in your trading system. The cross function can be used in mean reversion trading systems for example to enter when the RSI crosses below 30 for an oversold signal. The cross function can also be used for a trend following system by determining when a fast moving average crosses above a longer term moving average.

When using the Cross function the syntax is cross(Array1,Array2). This function returns true on the bar that Array1 crosses above Array2. If you want to generate a signal when Array1 crosses BELOW Array2 then you would simply write the AFL in reverse: cross(Array2, Array1).

Viewing Time: 05.52 minutes
Channel Name: DaveASXWatch

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