Trading Books: Enhancing Trader Performance

Author: Brett N. Steenbarger
Publisher: Wiley
Year: 2006

Topics Covered:

  • Where Expertise Begins
  • Finding Your Performance Niche as a Trader
  • Building Competence
  • Strategies for Cultivating Competence
  • From Competence to Expertise
  • Mechanics, Tactics, Strategies
  • Performance Dynamics
  • Cognitive Techniques for Enhancing Performance
  • Behavioural Techniques for Enhancing Performance

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Trading book review_enhancing trader performance_brett n. Steenbarger

Trading Book Review of ‘Enhancing Trader Performance’ by Brett N. Steenbarger

This is a fantastic trading psychology book by one of the masters of Trading Psychology. If you want to become a better trader by working on yourself, read this book! If you have other trading books that you can recommend then please leave me a comment below and I will make a review about it!

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