There’s a whole range of reasons. First, there’s a huge profit opportunity for informed traders if you look at what the market participants are doing. Masses of uninformed and completely new traders who have never traded anything before are flooding into the crypto markets. They’re using social kind of tips. There are thousands of people on Facebook trying to ask, “Well, what crypto should I buy? And what’s going to the moon?”

It’s immature in terms of the masses, and that’s why there’s an opportunity. Because if you go way back in the early days of stocks, there were hedge funds and high frequency. There was also algo trading, it was dead easy to make money with relatively simple systems. To be honest, you can still make great money with relatively simple systems. But, of course, they’ve got to be a bit more elegant nowadays. But in crypto, because there are so many traders who don’t have a structured systematic approach that eliminates the emotion inherent in all of the volatility of this market, we’ll crush it.

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