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Trader success system

The Trader Success System Mentoring Upgrade

From: $597.00 per month

(Only available to existing members of The Trader Success System)

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The Trader Success System Mentoring Program Includes:

📈 Trader Acceleration Sessions ($2,646/month Value)
You get access to 2 live coaching sessions every week (that’s 8 per month!) to keep your momentum high and get all of your questions answered. You also get coding and backtesting support and the confidence knowing you can pull the trigger with confidence.

​📈 Trader Breakthrough Workshops ($2,996/month Value)
Weekly LIVE hands on workshops to advance your trading knowledge, constantly ‘sharpen your saw’ and improve your trading skills in all 9 areas of the Trader Acceleration Model.

​📈 System Builder’s Club ($896/month Value)
Weekly LIVE trading system development intensive to upgrade your system development skills. Join the elite group of traders who create their own unique and profitable trading systems.

​📈 TraderMind Performance Coaching ($746/month Value)
Trading psychology coaching to enhance your performance. Make more money by applying the levers that improve your trading psychology so you never sabotage your results.

​📈 Trader Success Community ($296/month Value)
Never trade alone as part of an exclusive community to network with likeminded systematic traders who speak your “trading language” from all over the world.

Total Mentoring Value: $7,580 AUD/month
But you get it all for just $597 AUD/month
Pay annually & save 25%, just $5,373 AUD/year



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