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My name’s Adrian Reid and I am a full time stock trader of 18+ years and the Founder of Enlightened Stock Trading.

You are here because you want to learn stock trading so you can finally build wealth and freedom to give you the life you want right?… BUT I know you are skeptical of me and everyone else online offering to help you learn stock trading, and rightly so!

The truth is you should be skeptical because there is just so much garbage online about trading. You can have a read of my view of the best approach for learning to trade in this blog post – You will see I approach things very differently. If you will suspend judgement for a few moments, I will show you that Enlightened Stock Trading is totally different from everything else you have seen in the stock trading education space.

Early in my trading education (over 18 years ago now) I read hundreds of trading bookd on my journey trying to find the answers (Some of my favourite stock trading books are discussed here). From those books I tried countless different trading approaches which the authors claimed to be profitable. The trouble was none of them worked for ME.

You have probably had similar experiences right?

I had three major realizations that finally helped me start making money, and have been making me money trading ever since. These are at the core of everything I do at Enlightened Stock Trading.

Adrian Reid - Trader and Founder of Enlightened Stock Trading

Trading Systems Are The Fastest Way To Learn Stock Trading

You have probably realized by now that most trading approaches require a degree of discretion… some experience… the judgement to know exactly what to do. Most methods have rules, but there is usually some level of subjectivity in the rules which requires your experienced judgement to make the final decision.

This is great if you already have 30 years of trading experience, but you probably don’t since you are still here looking for answers right? If you are anything like me, I found that I would constantly screw up my trading decisions because of that tiny little bit of discretion and I would second guess everything I did.

So my first major realization was that to stop making mistakes and start trading consistently I had to eliminate 100% of the discretion in my trading and adopt 100% objective trading rules. That way I could just follow the rules and stop screwing it up with my own judgement.

This led me to systematic stock trading which, as I explain in this post, gives traders a HUGE advantage. After mentoring hundreds of trading students to profitability over the last 5+ years I know that adopting a good trading system gives you a HUGE advantage when learning to trade stocks because it eliminates the variation caused by your subjectivity and basically stops us screwing up our own trading decisions.

Your Stock Trading System Must Fit YOU

I have tried many different trading systems over the last 18+ years I have been a stock trader. I tried trend following systems, swing trading systems, mean reversion systems and day trading systems. These systems either made me a lot of money, or caused me to lose money hand over fist.

One time I tried a day trading system that I had developed and managed to lose $30,000 in the space of just 3 weeks. The system was profitable, but I made so many mistakes trading it that I lost a ton of money extremely quickly. As a result of this experience and observing hundreds of would be day traders I have a very strong view of day trading which you can read about here.

Why did this happen?

What I realized after 3 years of trying to learn to trade stocks was that if I was going to be profitable, I needed a stock trading system that fit me. That day trading system didn’t fit me because I had a full time job. I was busy traveling for work, in client meetings, on the phone etc and I was also trying to watch the markets and make 10-15 trades a day.

It was hugely stressful and a total financial disaster!

That experience showed that a good trading system is one that fits you. It doesn’t matter how profitable your trading system is, if it stresses you out, if it doesn’t fit your lifestyle, if the drawdown is too big for you to stomach then you will make so many mistakes that you would be better off leaving your money in the bank! If you would like to learn about the biggest stock trading mistakes that could be holding you back – Read these articles.

To make money, your trading system must match your:

Personality so you felt calm and comfortable trading it.

Objectives so the drawdowns and risk profile are within your tolerance.

Lifestyle so that you can follow the rules consistently without mistakes or life getting in the way.

In The Trader Success System I show you how to understand your T6 Trader Profile and then map this to the right trading system for you. You won’t find that anywhere else online. It takes a little effort, but it pays off hugely! Click Here to find out more about The Trader Success System

Building Confidence Through Correct Backtesting

My final game changing realization came when I found myself following a system and having 27 losing trades in a row. It was brutal and totally shattered my confidence even though I had mad money with the system for many months before the losing streak.

I was about to throw in the towel and give it up when I started asking why this was happening to a system that was previously extremely profitable. In my search for answers I came across portfolio backtesting.

I am not talking about the chart based backtesting where you look at a few months of history and maybe 50-100 trades… I mean portfolio level backtesting using trading software like Amibroker that tests automatically over the last 30 years of market history, over thousands of stocks generating thousands of trades (Check out my collection of Amibroker tutorials and articles here). I am sorry to tell you, but looking at your indicators on a few charts or paper trading for a month is just not enough.

If you want to succeed, you need to learn to backtest correctly, thoroughly!

I discovered that with the right trading software it is possible to run extensive backtests in a matter of minutes and get much deeper insights into the trading system’s performance. This allowed me to look at with all of the components of my trading system to figure out why I was suddenly getting so many losing trades. I fixed the system and made money from then on.

You have probably seen online people talking about trading systems and trading robots or algos that lost them a ton of money right?

The reason this happens is those trading systems and algos are heavily optimized to the past data to make them look really attractive… They do this so you will give your hard earned money to the marketer selling them. Sadly this is very common and gives trading systems a bad name.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

The Enlightened Stock Trading approach shows you have to backtest trading systems the right way, to ensure they have a stable and robust edge which is likely to continue to be profitable into the future. The difference is in the process you use to backtest, looking for stability and robustness first rather than just optimizing blindly to make the backtest look good.

Learn Stock Trading with a Difference

I have created Enlightened Stock Trading to help you learn stock trading, become profitable sooner and above all, put you in control. I want you to be independent, to be able to answer your own questions through correct backtesting, and to adopt a profitable trading system that fits your Personality / Objectives / Lifestyle.

If that sounds good to you, enter your name and email to download the 10 Commandments for Profitable Stock Trading and let’s start the journey together now!

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