The Complete Stock Trading Course To…

Systematically Build Wealth And Freedom Trading Stocks

Adrian Reid

Adrian Reid

Systematic Trader For Over 18 Years Founder, Enlightened Stock Trading

  • Are you looking for the most comprehensive advanced stock trading course available?
  • Are you are fascinated by the financial markets?
  • ​​Do you want to build wealth and freedom trading stocks?
  • ​Are you getting inconsistent results but not sure exactly why?
  • ​Are you sick of stock tips, advisory services, chart patterns and indicators that don’t make you money?
  • ​Are you searching for answers on blogs, YouTube & books but haven’t managed to pull it all together?
  • ​Are you sick of all the conflicting information and signals and ready to take control for yourself?

You Can Build Wealth & Freedom Trading Stocks!

(All you need is the right Knowledge, Systems and Tools
…and the right Launchpad to get you there quickly)

You can profit in the markets without stumbling from idea to idea hoping to find something that works, and without putting blind faith in any ideas or concepts.

So if you want to…
… finally get into a position of control with your trading
… get the knowledge to take trading rules or ideas from anywhere and test them for yourself
… access a library of pretested trading strategies that actually work
… discover how to evaluate these strategies and any other trading ideas for yourself in just a few hours
… build UNSHAKEABLE CONFIDENCE that your rules are profitable and are actually RIGHT FOR YOU

If that sounds like you then read on, because you are in the right place!

But don’t worry, I am not talking about yet more magic bullets, promising instant riches with zero drawdown.

I am NOT going to offer you any of the usual trading garbage. This advanced share trading class is all about empowering you as a trader with the Knowledge, the Systems and the Tools you need to succeed… and giving you a solid Launch Pad to get you moving quickly!

My goal for you is for you to become a completely independent, and profitable trader. I absolutely don’t want you to be dependant on me or anyone else. This is why I have created the most comprehensive and advanced stock market courses on the market.

This Is Not Like Any Other Stock Trading Course…

This Is Not…

  • Black box FX robots that are curve-fit and blow up your account in 3 months
  • Bait-and-switch where you get a little training and get sold an expensive signal service 
  • Fancy new indicator that magically predicts the market
  • ​An overpriced trading course sold by a flashy marketer with little substance 
  • ​A program where you never hear from the instructor after you join
  • ​An entry level course that holds back the ‘real secrets’ so you have to buy yet more expensive courses to learn the secrets
  • ​A trading course taught by someone with a tiny account and no credibility

I have been in all of ‘those’ situations as well, and they make me sick to my stomach. I have had grown men on the phone to me in desperation looking for help after their life savings have disappeared in a puff of smoke because of market scams… It makes me angry.

The truth is, I am just as sceptical about the trading education industry you are, that is why I have created the most comprehensive and empowering stock trading course available on the market.

I know you are sick of all the crap and as you read this at least part of you is thinking “yeah right, here we go again”. But stick with me for a few minutes and I guarantee it will be worth your time. If you are looking for an advanced stock trading course that will empower you with everything you need to succeed then keep reading…

Unfortunately most new traders think that trading success comes from finding the latest advanced share trading strategies or reading trading magazines and websites that discuss super advanced stock analysis techniques that only rocket scientists can understand. This is FALSE. The truth is that elegantly simple trading systems will beat rocket science approaches every time! 

So if you have been googling for an advanced technical analysis course online, it is time to stop because you don’t need advanced technical analysis to succeed in stock trading. What you need is a diversified portfolio of elegant trading systems that help you make money in all market conditions.

Advanced stock trading is not complex… it is elegantly simple! 

This new approach is DIFFERENT to anything else you have seen in the trading world. It will EMPOWER you to take control of your trading… and show you how to become INDEPENDENT, profitable and sustainable.

Let me ask you a question…

How would you feel if you had the knowledge to confidently test any trading strategy for yourself?

… using 20-30 years of market history

… through good times and bad

… to confirm for yourself that the strategy is profitable, stable and rock solid?
How would it feel knowing that you never had to take any claims for granted because you can test any of them for yourself?

How confident would you feel knowing that you have a library of profitable systems to choose from, or modify for yourself… and the skills and tools to test and validate them for BEFORE you risk a dollar!

This is what we are talking about.

You see, winning at trading is not about the latest and most advanced technical analysis trading strategies, it is about empowering you with stock trading systems that work and giving you the tools and knowledge to backtest and build confidence in those trading systems.


GAME CHANGING skills for your trading future

The Elephant In The Room…

Because I know you are sceptical (rightly so) so I want to address this right up front…

You are no doubt wondering if I am just another scammer who makes money teaching superficial stuff that doesn’t work rather than actually trading…

… Am I right?

So who am I…

…and why do I teach this advanced stock trading course?

My name is Adrian Reid, and I am the Founder of Enlightened Stock Trading. 
I have been a private stock trader for the past 18 years, and profitable for the last 15 years since learning about the systematic approach to the market that I am sharing with you today. 
On my learning journey I tried many of the things you have probably tried:
  • I have tried get rich quick schemes that promised 1,000% returns… and I lost all my money
  • ​I tried mutual fund investing… and I got boring single digit returns and large drawdowns
  • I tried buying and holding ‘good quality stocks’… and they went down
  • I tried countless indicators and chart patterns… and couldn’t make money consistently
  • I tried Fundamental Analysis… but my timing was always off and I lost money
  • ​I tried combining the all the above… but they always contradicted each other
  • I tried all the advanced stock trading strategies I could find… but they all gave terrible results and lost money
It was around 2002 and I had been dabbling with trading for a few years, but I  wasn’t making money doing any of these things. I had bounced from method to method for 3 years without making any money. 
I had spent hours every night studying charts and looking at indicators, patterns, candlesticks and price action… with nothing to show for it apart from a huge pile of papers and a whole lot of confusion.
Sound familiar?
In my search for answers I read over 200 trading books and discovered systematic trading. I was hooked because finally with this approach I could actually test my ideas and discover what was actually profitable without risking real money!
Plus I was busy as hell in my day job and I just didn’t have the time to look at the charts for 3 hours a day. 
Systematic trading allowed me to continue trading despite having a crazily busy life. I was working long hours, travelling every week and had a young family. By following my trading systems, which took just 20-30 minutes a day, I was able to grow my account to over 7 figures as well as pay off all of my debts and mortgage from my trading profits.
This didn’t happen overnight because it took a while to learn the critical trading concepts required for success. It was a journey and by 2012 I had made more money that year trading just 20-30 minutes  day than I did in my day job (which had a pretty solid 6 figure salary at the time – working 12-14 hours a day mind you).
So in 2012 I left my job and have never looked back!
You can learn more about my trading journey and the results I am now getting for my students on my website.
Backtest results of The Freight Train:
(Included in The Trader Success System)

With this systematic approach to trading the stock market, I was able to spend just 20-30 minutes a day trading, generate returns that dramatically beat the market with lower risk AND sleep well at the same time because I was finally 100% confident in my trading system.

Using this method I went on to develop a portfolio of trading systems that fit me… and that I am 100% confident in.

And that’s why I’m so excited to share this with you so you can get these types of results too!

So excited in fact, that I created a number of free online courses on share trading to give you an introduction which will help you fully benefit from this advanced share trading course. 

If you are just looking to ‘dip your toe in the water’ with a beginners stock trading course then check out System Trader Launchpad… but if you want the advanced stock trading course then keep reading!


So How Does This Apply To You?

Your key to success is having a personalized portfolio of trading systems that are backtested & customized for your Personality, Objectives and Lifestyle… THEY FIT YOU!


OTHER trading educators want you to blindly trust their rules and indicators will work for you…

… but they won’t. You know this because you have tried (just like I did)

Why is This Approach Different?

A Portfolio of Trading Systems which which are backtested and customized for you is the best way to trade.

You have 100% confidence because YOU test the rules using a proven, step by step backtesting process designed for stocks…

… AND it is easy for you to follow your systems because they fit your Personality, Objectives and Lifestyle.


You will never need to have blind faith again because I show you how to test everything for yourself! 

Advanced Stock Trading Course

Are you ready to Take your Trading to the Next Level?




The KNOWLEDGE to test & build confidence and follow your trading rules


18 Complete TRADING SYSTEMS that actually work, ready to go


The coding & backtesting TOOLS to pull it all together


6 Week Masterclass to get you started the right way – FAST


My Goal For Your Trading Is To:
  • Helping you build wealth build freedom in the stock market
  • ​Build absolute confidence in your trading approach
  • ​Eliminate all the doubts and uncertainty from your trading
  • ​Become independent and take control of your trading

When you join The Trader Success System you’ll see results immediately as you…

… adopt the right trading habits
… implement robust & profitable trading systems that fit you
… establish confidence with a professional backtesting process
… become a consistent, systematic trader in record time
The great thing is you can achieve all of this without frustration because you will have all knowledge, systems, tools and support you need to take action!



ALL the Knowledge, Systems, Tools & Support You Need To Build Wealth & Freedom Trading Stocks Systematically Without The Market Wiping You Out”

Trader Knowledge Bank ($3,582 Value)

All the knowledge you need to build absolute confidence in your trading approach with rigorous backtesting and risk management. Everything you need to succeed as a systematic stock trader. Finally you can eliminate all the doubts and uncertainty and start trading with confidence.

These courses cover all aspects of systematic trading including your trading software and data setup, your evolution as a trader, trading personality, trading psychology, selecting the right system for you, backtesting, system diversification and profiting in all market conditions.

Includes 7 Courses!

Trading System Collection ($2,388 Value)

Start using backtested trading systems or diversify quickly with systems that cover stocks in the US, Australia, London, Hong Kong, Canada and Global ETFs. Includes trend following, swing trading, mean reversion and short selling systems.

All trading systems are pre-coded for Amibroker and fully disclosed and coded ready for you to backtest. Systems also include BUILT IN scanners to find your trades AND PRESET CHARTS with exactly what you need to see.

Includes 18 Complete Trading Systems!

The Code Vault ($795 Value)

The Code Vault contains all the coding templates and tools you need to backtest and run trading systems like a professional. It makes it quick and easy for you to create, modify and test trading systems in Amibroker. The Code Vault is a “paint by numbers” approach to coding your system ideas!

The Code Vault includes Templates to make trading system creation quick and easy, CODE LIBRARY to make testing new ideas copy and paste easy, and ADVANCED BACKTESTING TOOLS to boost your confidence.

Complete Suite of Tools To Make Coding Copy & Paste Easy!

System Trader Launchpad ($997 Value)

The System Trader Launchpad is a 6 Module Masterclass which will get you setup as a systematic stock trader!

This is a LIVE masterclass run in 6 weekly sessions in which you will:

Discover how you can profit from stock trading systems…
Establish a simple, stable, cost efficient and portable trading setup…
Trade from anywhere you have internet and 10-15 minutes a day…
Eliminate ‘busy work’ and focus on the core activities that make money…
Learn to backtest your trading rules for maximum confidence…
Start managing your trading systematically so you can trade stress free

Become a Systematic Trader in Just 6 Weeks!

PLUS Get Immediate Access To These 3 Bonuses

Tradermind ($1,491 Value)

I had to go through over 15 years of trading, several bear markets and thousands of trades to build my understanding and mastery of trading psychology and how to think about systematic trading.

But you won’t have to because I am giving you access to my best Mastermind and Coaching sessions where I covered these trading psychology topics with my advanced Mastermind students.

Trader Success Community ($2,000 Value)

LIFETIME access to my Support Communitywhere myself along with my advanced students will answer all of your trading questions and provide you with priority support for all of your Amibroker and backtesting questions.

This PRIVATE group is an exclusive community of like-minded, systematic stock traders in a supportive, moderated, spam free environment. Get lifetime support for all system development needs covered in The Trader Success System!

Real support so you get ALL you questions answered!

 Rapid System Builder ($2,997 Value)
(Fast Action Bonus)

The Rapid System Builder transforms the way you find profitable new trading systems. You select the market conditions and behaviour you want to trade and it automatically tests thousands of combinations of trading rules, presenting you with the best potential trading system candidates to work with.

The perfect complement to ‘The Market System Map’ and ‘The Expert’s Guide To Backtesting’ giving you a near unlimited supply of trading systems!

Exclusive Access To My Accelerated System Development Tool!


Trader Knowledge Bank ($3,582 Value)
Trading System Collection ($2,388 Value)
The Code Vault ($795 Value)
​The System Trader Launchpad ($997 Value)
Tradermind ($1,491 Value)
Trader Success Community ($2,000 Value)
​Rapid System Builder ($2,997 Value)
(Fast Action Bonus)
(TOTAL VALUE $14,250)

(TOTAL VALUE $14,250)


(or 3 x $795/Month)

Hurry! Your Trader Success System  50% Discount Expires In…

The price is going up to $2,497USD soon – Act now and get in at the lowest price The Trader Success System will ever be!

And It’s 100% Risk-Free With My 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
If you don’t receive massive value in this comprehensive program, just email to let me know and I will refund you in full. If you’re at all worried if this will work for you, then this guarantee makes a no-brainer. It’s as simple as that!

Let’s Take A Quick Tour


Trader Knowledge Bank (Now 7 Courses!)

The Trader Knowledge Bank gives you all the knowledge that you need to build wealth build freedom in the stock market, build absolute confidence in your trading approach and eliminate all the niggling doubts and uncertainty from your trading.

I recommend you complete these courses in the order shown, however each course is standalone and can be completed at any time.

The Millionaire Trader Code

Gives you the map that guides you through the 8 stages of evolution of a system trader. This will shorten your learning curve by showing you exactly what to focus on at each stage of evolution and help you become a ‘Millionaire System Trader’ sooner


The Trader System Map

The Trader System Map gives you everything you need to set your trading goals and understand your T6 Trader Profile and easily select the systems that suit you.


The Expert’s Guide To Backtesting

Learn step by step how to correctly backtest, robustimize, build absolute confidence and launch your trading system. With this knowledge you will never trade on blind faith or with uncertainty ever again.


The Market System Map

The Market System Map shows you how to bullet proof your trading by creating trading systems that work in all market conditions and in all of the market behaviours that typically cause traders to lose money. The Market System Map takes profitable trading to the next level of consistency and robustness.


The Financial Freedom Builder

The Financial Freedom Builder takes your personal financial literacy to the next level. It gives you the knowledge to dramatically reduce the time it will take you to achieve financial freedom and escape from ‘the rat race’.


Trading Software Setup

The Trading Software Setup program takes the pain out of setting up your Amibroker trading software and historical data by guiding you step by step through the setup process. The program also shows you which data provider to use for best value and how to link it with Amibroker.


Topic Specific Training

Topic Specific TrainingThis course provides you with important standalone training topics that supplement the other courses included in The Trader Success System. These are inspired by student questions and my own trading research. Perfect for quick bursts of trading inspiration.


More Courses Coming Soon…


The Trading System Collection
(18 Complete Systems!)

Start Using Backtested Trading Systems Immediately with18 Complete Systems from The Trading System Collection

The Freight Train

  • Market: ASX
  • ​Strategy: Trend Following
  • Timeframe: Daily
  • Compound Annual Return: 19%*
  • ​Maximum Drawdown: 24%*

The Fire Cracker

  • Market: Hong Kong 
  • ​Strategy: Momentum
  • Timeframe: Daily
  • Compound Annual Return: 22%*
  • ​Maximum Drawdown: 21%*

The USA Freight Train

  • Market: USA
  • ​Strategy: Trend Following
  • Timeframe: Daily
  • Compound Annual Return: 22%*
  • ​Maximum Drawdown: 33%*

Santa’s Helper

  • Market: USA
  • ​Strategy: Seasonality
  • Timeframe: Daily
  • Compound Annual Return: 4%* (Trades only at year end. Average exposure just 11%, Risk Adjusted Return 37%)
  • Maximum Drawdown: 11%*

The Slippery Dip

  • Market: USA
  • Strategy: Short Momentum
  • Timeframe: Daily
  • Compound Annual Return: 4% (Shorts in Bear Markets only – Risk adjusted return is 120% pa.)*
  • ​Maximum Drawdown: 19.5%*


  • Market: USA 
  • ​Strategy: Mean Reversion
  • Timeframe: Daily
  •  Compound Annual Return (CAR): 9.3% (System is invested on average 5.8% of the time over the backtest – Risk adjusted return is 160% pa.)*
  • Maximum System Drawdown: 12.7%* 

Stratosphere Target

  • Market: London
  • ​Strategy: Momentum
  • Timeframe: Daily
  • Compound Annual Return: 20%* 
  • Maximum Drawdown: 35%*


  • Market: ASX
  • Strategy: Trend Following
  • Timeframe: Daily
  • Compound Annual Return: 12%* (Average exposure is only 56%, so risk adjusted return is 21%)
  • ​Maximum Drawdown: 19%*


  • Market: London
  • ​Strategy: Swing / Momentum
  • Timeframe: Daily
  •  Compound Annual Return (CAR): 8% (Average exposure is only 40%, so risk adjusted return is 20%)*
  • Maximum System Drawdown: 9%*

Weekly Burst

  • Market: ASX
  • ​Strategy: Trend Trading
  • Timeframe: Weekly
  • Compound Annual Return: 16%* 
  • Maximum Drawdown: 21%*


  • Market: ASX
  • Strategy: Short Selling
  • Timeframe: Daily
  • Compound Annual Return: 7%* (Average exposure is only 4%, so risk adjusted return is 180%!)
  • ​Maximum Drawdown: 18%*

Fear Harvester

  • Market: USA
  • ​Strategy: Mean Reversion
  • Timeframe: Daily
  •  Compound Annual Return (CAR): 14% (Average exposure is only 9%, so risk adjusted return is 154%)*
  • Maximum System Drawdown: 10%* 

The Slip-Less Trend Catcher

  • Market: ASX
  • ​Strategy: Trend Trading (Limit Orders)
  • Timeframe: Daily
  • Compound Annual Return: 16%* 
  • Maximum Drawdown: 23%*

Retirement Manager

  • Market: S&P 500 Index
  • Strategy: Trend Trading (ETF)
  • Timeframe: Daily (Very Infrequent Signals)
  • Compound Annual Return: 8.2%*
  • ​Maximum Drawdown: 17%*
    (This is dramatically better than passive buy and hold – the drawdown is substantially lower than passive portfolios experience)

Broken Rally

  • Market: S&P 500 Index
  • Strategy: Short (Mean Reversion)
  • Timeframe: Daily (In a Bear Market Only)
  • Compound Annual Return: 1.8%* (Average exposure just 2.7%. This is very low because it only trades in a bear market. The risk adjusted return is 68%!)
  • ​Maximum Drawdown: 6%*

The Breakaway

  • Market: Canada
  • ​Strategy: Momentum
  • Timeframe: Daily
  • Compound Annual Return: 15% (RAR 33%)* 
  • Maximum Drawdown: 16%*

Bear Defiance

  • Market: US Stocks & ETFs
  • Strategy: Mean Reversion
  • Timeframe: Daily (During Bear Markets)
  • Compound Annual Return: 0.5%*
    (Average exposure just 1%. This is very low because it only trades in a bear market. The risk adjusted return is 42%!)
  • ​Maximum Drawdown: 4%*

The Little Dipper

  • Market: Canada – TSX Stocks
  • Strategy: Mean Reversion
  • Timeframe: Daily
  • Compound Annual Return: 10.3%* (Average exposure just 9.6%. This is very low because it only trades very selectively. The risk adjusted return is 107%!)
  • ​Maximum Drawdown: 16%*
The Trading System Collection Includes:
  • Complete description of trading rules in plain English
  • ​System rules ready to use in Amibroker
  • ​In Sample / Out of Sample Backtest Results
  • ​Complete setup instructions
  • ​More systems included on a regular basis!!!

* CFTC RULE 4.41 – Hypothetical or simulated performance results have certain inherent limitations. Unlike an actual performance record, simulated results do not represent actual trading. Also, since the trades have not actually been executed, the results may have under- or over-compensated for the impact, if any, of certain market factors, such as lack of liquidity. Simulated trading programs in general are also subject to the fact that they are designed with the benefit of hindsight. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those shown. Trading in the sharemarket, futures, commodities and forex markets involve high risks and you can lose a lot of money including potentially more than your initial deposits.

The Code Vault

The Code Vault contains all the code you need to backtest and run trading systems like a professional. It makes it quick and easy for you to create, modify and test trading systems in Amibroker. It is a “paint by numbers” approach to coding your system ideas!

The Trading System Templates

These trading system templates are all set up ready for you to use. Just copy and paste the rules you want to test into each section and you are ready to backtest your idea!
There are several different template versions for each type of system.


The Code Library

 Many indicators and trading rules are used by systematic traders over and over again. I have assembled an ever growing library of common trading rules pre-coded into Amibroker Formula Language so that you can just copy and paste the ones you need.


Advanced Backtesting Code Library

These advanced backtesting techniques and associated Amibroker Code will increase your confidence in your trading systems and your understanding of how your trading system performance. Previously only been shared with my mentoring clients and Mastermind members! 


System Trader Launchpad

The System Trader Launchpad is a LIVE 6 week Masterclass which will get you up and running as a systematic trader fast! The live online sessions are highly interactive and quickly guide you through the core elements of becoming a profitable systematic trader. Each session contains highly focused training along with interactive Q&A to ensure you get started with maximum confidence.

In this Live 6 Week Masterclass I will guide you through a step by step process to set you up as a systematic stock trader. During the 6 week live online program you will:

  • ​Discover how you can profit from stock trading systems
  • ​Establish a simple, stable and cost efficient trading setup so you can avoid the time, frustration and high setup costs
  • ​Trade from anywhere you have internet in 10-15 mins a day
  • ​Eliminate ‘busy work’ and focus only on the core activities that actually make you money
  • ​Learn to backtest your trading rules for maximum confidence
  • ​Start managing your trading systematically so you can trade stress free

You also get three HUGE Bonuses…


I had to go through over 15 years of trading, several bear markets and thousands of trades to build my understanding and mastery of trading psychology and how to think about systematic trading. 

But you won’t have to because I am giving you access to my best Mastermind and Coaching sessions where I covered these trading psychology topics with my advanced Mastermind students. 

Trader Success Community

  • LIFETIME access to my Support Community
  • ​Priority support for all of your Amibroker and backtesting questions
  • ​Community of like-minded, systematic stock traders
  • ​Support for all system development needs in The Trader Success System
  • ​Uncertain about anything – Just Ask!

Rapid System Builder

The Rapid System Builder transforms the way you find profitable new trading systems. You select the market conditions and behaviour you want to trade and it automatically tests thousands of combinations of trading rules, presenting you with the best potential trading system candidates to work with. 

The perfect complement to ‘The Market System Map’ and ‘The Expert’s Guide To Backtesting’ giving you a near unlimited supply of trading systems!

Frequently Asked Questions

I am busy and don’t have much time, will this still work for me?
This is the most common reason people give for not learning to trade. Ironically the fact that you are busy is exactly why learning to trade and The Trader Success System is so important. The great thing about The Trader Success System is it will dramatically reduce the time required for you to learn because it is all laid out for you step by step. This is a well travelled path with many successful students who have completed the program part time in addition to everything else in their busy lives. This really is the quickest way for you to become a successful trader!
When I first learned to trade I was extremely busy – travelling for work, working 12-14 hours a day in the office, raising a young family etc etc. But I made a decision that I didn’t want to work like that forever, so I carved out a few hours a week to learn and committed the time. Was it difficult to do that? At times yes… Was it worth it?YES! 
If you delay your learning for another 5 years, your future self is going to be very upset with you because 5 years is a lot of compounding, and that will cost you millions of dollars of wealth in the future. Make your business your REASON to do this program rather than your EXCUSE not to do it. 
I have already spent a lot of money on courses and I am still not successful, how do I know this isn’t just more of the same crap?
This program is unlike anything else you have done – The quality, clarity and value you will get in The Trader Success System is above and beyond anything you will find elsewhere. There is no time wasted on complex or esoteric concepts that won’t make you money… you will not be drowned in complex (unnecessary) coding techniques… BUT you will learn exactly what is required to become a success systematic stock trader. The Trader Success System lays out a step by step path for you to:
1. Understand yourself as a trader
2. Select the right type of trading system for you
3. Backtest your system like a professional and build rock solid confidence
4. Launch your trading system
5. Diversify and improve your results with additional systems
Plus I actually support you personally through the program in The Trader Success Community so you can actually ask me questions directly! But of course it is completely risk free with my 30 day, 100% money back guarantee. If you’ve read this far then you probably know that this is the right program for you. 
I am not an experienced coder, can I still do this?
The Trading System Collection, The Code Vault and The Rapid System Builder are all included in The Trader Success System to eliminate all coding headaches and make it a simple copy and paste exercise to create and test trading systems. You need to be comfortable with computers, but you do not need to be a coding geek to succeed at trading… you just need to be willing to give it a solid effort, copy & paste and ask questions as you go.
If you are so successful, why do you teach?
We covered this above, but I started teaching traders after I left the workforce because I was very isolated and didn’t know any other traders, so I had no one to talk to about something that I am very passionate about. I took on my first students so I could build a community of like minded people to spend time with and quickly realised that there is a huge amount of false information and scams out in the market place. I get excited about the idea of empowering traders to test ideas for themselves, get profitable more quickly, become independent and build their wealth – I only wish I had the same guidance when I started because it would have saved my 3 years of learning and I would be much wealthier today! 
Obviously trading education is also a business and like any good trader, I value diversification of income streams… I also value my time so treating trading education as a business makes it sustainable, ensures both student and teacher have ‘skin in the game’ and ensures we stay in exchange. 

Your content goes here. 

I don’t know if I am ready, should I wait until I have a bit more experience before joining?
This program lays out everything you need to succeed. If you are brand new you will have more questions, but if you wait you will take much longer to learn than if you join the program and start with systematic trading immediately. Any delay costs your future self a fortune – Get started today and I will help you through the program.
Do trading systems really work? I know someone who has lost money using a system.
Yes… But…
Of course not all trading systems work, but those that do can make you a lot of money. 
The Trader Success System shows you how to tell the difference between systems that work and systems that don’t.After joining The Trader Success System you will never again have to hope your signals are profitable or place blind faith in someone else’s rules because you will learn how to evaluate any trading system you come across. I of course also encourage you to apply the same approach to my trading systems in The Trading System Collection and backtest / improve these for yourself.
I already have a trading system, will The Trader Success System still help me?
The Trader Success System will show you how to build confidence in and improve your existing trading systems and also help you rapidly diversify your trading with complimentary systems. Even one small distinction is worth a fortune to you and The Trader Success System will give you many such distinctions. The diversification you will get from The Trading System Collection is also hugely valuable even if you are already a profitable trader.
I do not have the Amibroker software yet, do I need it before starting the program?


Trading software is not required to get started with The Trader Success System. You can download and install a free trial of Amibroker when you are ready to start Backtesting. The software costs around $300 when you are ready to purchase. I do not have a commercial relationship with Amibroker, I simply use and recommend them because it is the best value trading software I have found.


I don’t know how to use Amibroker yet? Should I learn Amibroker first?
No – Absolutely Not. 
Join The Trader Success System first…The Trader Success System will teach you everything you need to know, exactly when you need to know it. This program is the quickest and most efficient path for you to succeed at systematic stock trading.


Where do I get historical data from and how much does it cost?
I use and recommend data from because it is the cheapest and provides the widest variety of markets for around $30 per month with no additional cost for the historical database. I have an affiliate link which you will get in the Members area that gives you 1 month free to trial it. You can also use your own data source if you prefer, however I do not recommend free data because it is usually not adjusted for stock splits and corporate actions. 


I have a different trading software, is that a problem?

Not necessarily. 

Provided your trading software fits the criteria that I provide in the program then you can use it. Amibroker is very cost effective and powerful and my trading system and code examples are provided in Amibroker code format to make it extremely easy for you. The rules are also written in plain English should you prefer another trading software package.


What will happen if we have another bear market, will this help me?
The Trader Success System will teach you how to build trading systems to allow you to profit in any market conditions. The Trading System Collection includes bull and bear market systems and systems for non-trending markets. You will also learn how to design trading systems for any market and any market behaviour using The Rapid System Builder.
I have never traded before, will this help me?
You are in the right place! If you like the idea of systematic trading, you are comfortable with computers and you are ready to learn, The Trader Success System will give you all the knowledge, systems and coding expertise you need to quickly become a consistent and profitable system trader.


Do I really need a trading system?
If you want to be profitable and build your wealth without enduring the gut-wrenching drawdowns you will suffer with any of the traditional approaches such as buy and hold / fundamental investing / value investing / discretionary technical analysis / mutual funds / index investing and any hybrid approach. Systematic trading is the quickest path to consistent and sustainable profitability. The great thing about trading systems is that they can be designed specifically to meet your objectives such as activity levels, drawdown and return profile. 


Do you trade the systems in The Trading System Collection?


I trade many of the systems in The Trading System Collection with my own account. Those that I don’t trade are usually because the timezone doesn’t suit my lifestyle or I have another similar system in my portfolio.


Will this show me how to double my account every month / year?
If that is what you want this is not for you. Returns like this are unrealistic and are usually followed by losing 100% of your investment. Many others will promise this but do not be deceived – there is no get rich quick scheme that works. The Trader Success System will set you up for a lifetime of trading success using solid trading systems, but you should not expect to get rich by next month. If you still don’t believe me and you want to get rich by next week / month / year, please do not but my program.


How do I know which trading system is best for me?
The Trader System Map, which is part of The Trader Success System will show you exactly what sort of system is best for you. You do not need to know now… but very soon after joining the program this will be crystal clear to you.


I do not have a broker yet, should I get one first before joining The Trader Success System?


The Trader Success System is the best first step because once you have completed the program you will be in a solid position to choose the broker which is best for you.


How long have you been trading and how much money have you made?
I have been trading consistently for over 18 years and have been making money consistently for over 15 years. I started trading with $7,500 and have taken well over a million dollars of profit out of the stockmarket since then. Trading is my primary source of income and also my primary wealth creation method.


Do I need to use your broker?


I have a moral problem with trading educators who make referrals to their broker because there are usually huge commissions and kickbacks involved. This is a conflict of interest which I refuse to have. I have guidelines for selecting the right broker which you can use, or you can use the same broker I use (Interactive Brokers) because they are the cheapest and have the widest variety of markets available. I receive no compensation from any broker and the choice is yours.


Do you teach crypto?
The Trader Success System is focused on stocks, however you can apply the trading system back testing methodology to other asset classes if you wish.I would suggest starting with stocks for your first trading system and diversify from there.


Why should I choose Enlightened Stock Trading’s Advanced Stock Trading Course?
The Trader Success System is the only Advanced Stock Trading Course that you will ever need. By the end of this course you will have all of the systems, knowledge and tools that you need for a lifetime of profitable trading. Most online share trading courses are very shallow – teaching a few simplistic techniques at best, however The Trader Success System is different. This stock trading course empowers you for a lifetime of profitable trading by giving you the trading skills you need to operate profitably and independently. You will learn how to test your trading ideas for yourself and validate any share trading system to ensure it actually works! In short, I am going to empower you and transform you into a successful, independent and confident systematic stock trader!
What will Enlightened Stock Trading’s Advanced Stock Trading Course teach me?
The Trader Success System is an Advanced Stock Trading Course that will teach you everything you need to become a profitable and consistent systematic stock trader.
You will learn:
  • Why trading systems are the best way for most traders to get profitable and stay profitable
  • How trading systems work
  • The shortest path from where you are now to being a successful systematic trader
  • How to select the right trading system for you so that it fits your personality, objectives and lifestyle
  • What trading software you should use, where to get your historical data and how to set it all up
  • How to master the trading software even if you are not a coder and have never run a backtest before
  • How to build a portfolio of trading systems so you can make money in all market conditions
  • How to backtest and improve any trading system so you can build rock solid confidence in your trading systems
  • The rules for 18 different trading systems covering ASX, US Stocks, Hong Kong Stocks, Canadian Stocks, Stocks on the London Stock Exchange and more
  • How to quickly create trading systems to refine and test in any market
  • How to think like a systematic trader and get your trading psychology right
  • How to manage your risk so that you can stay in the game and keep trading no matter what happens

The Trader Success System is the most comprehensive advanced share trading course for traders in any country!

How can I contact Enlightened Stock Trading if I have any further questions about learning Share Trading if I have some knowledge in the field already?
If you already have some knowledge in the field of trading, but you are not yet a consistent, profitable and systematic trader then The Trader Success System is the right course for you. If you have questions after reading this page, click the ‘We’re Here To Help’ chat box in the bottom right of this page and send me a message and I will help you out.
If you have been trading for a while, the chances are The Trader Success System will tie all of the loose ends of trading knowledge and wisdom together and finally give you the skills and tools that you need to really master your trading. If need to speak with me to confirm that this advanced stock trading course will give you what you need, then click the ‘We’re Here To Help’ chat box at the bottom right of this page and lets discuss your experience and whether this is the right course for you.
How do I know if I am suitable for the Trader Success System?
Regardless of whether you are a complete beginner or have been trading for many years you will learn a huge amount from The Trader Success System.
If you feel like you have learned a lot of things but just need to tie together all of your trading knowledge and finally implement a complete solution then this is perfect for you.
If you have been trading with technical analysis or discretionary trading strategies then this advanced share trading course will be an absolute game changer for you. By implementing a systematic trading approach you will improve your results and consistency while reducing the amount of time, effort and stress your trading consumes.
This course will help you take your next big leap forward in your trading and set you up for a lifetime of profitable systematic trading. If that is what you want then you are absolutely the right person for the course. If you have any more questions just click the chat button at the bottom right of this screen and I will help you out.

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