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Since Enlightened Stock Trading first launched we have developed many great free online stock trading courses and resources to help you improve and make money trading stocks systematically.

The resources to help you learn stock trading on this page are completely FREE and contain a wealth of trading wisdom that will help you win in the stock market.

We believe that you deserve to have access to resources which will help you improve no matter what your experience or account size. That’s why on this page you will find FREE online stock trading education resources for all levels of trader.

For many new traders just starting out expensive courses may be beyond reach, so these FREE trading resources are important, plus with all of the trading scams out there, it is important that you can experience Enlightened Stock Trading’s approach before committing to our Flagship Programs so you know you can be confident you are getting access to a depth of experience and great quality trading education.

The 10 commandments for profitable trading

The 10 Commandments for Profitable Trading

This FREE Report and Training Video Package covers the 10 most important trading lessons that I have learned from 18+ years of profitable stock trading and reading over 150 books on trading.

If you miss any of these lessons then you WILL lose money!

Portfolio cpr cheat sheet

Portfolio CPR Cheat Sheet

Are You Losing Money Trading?

Does Your Stock Portfolio Need To Be Revived?

Did you know that most portfolios are just a few tweaks away from consistent profitability? When you download the FREE Portfolio CPR Cheat Sheet you will get a simple step by step guide to improve your portfolio and make money more consistently.

Click the button to get started now!

The trading mistakes cheat sheet

The Trading Mistakes Cheat Sheet

Could trading mistakes be costing you big money?

Even if you have a profitable trading method, trading mistakes could be costing you a fortune in missed profits. Unfortunately most traders lose money because of mistakes they don’t even know they are making!

Eliminating just 2-3 small mistakes could dramatically improve your trading profits. Most portfolios are just a few tweaks away from consistent profitability.

The Trading Mistakes Cheat Sheet will help you find those tweaks!

The trading system confidence cheat sheet training

The Trading System Confidence Cheat Sheet & Training

Do you want rock-solid confidence in your trading strategy?

Most traders lose confidence in their trading strategy at exactly the wrong moment !

  • Discover 11 steps to develop rock solid confidence
  • ​Avoid losing trading systems with ease
  • ​Understand the traits of profitable trading system development
  • ​Never lose confidence in a good trading system again
The millionaire trader code

The Millionaire Trader Code

Most traders stumble around for years trying to find the path to profitable trading. The Millionaire Trader Code eliminates this struggle by showing you the right path to trading success AND how to shorten your learning curve by 3-5 years!

Get The Millionaire Trader Code course FREE now and discover the 8 stages of Trader Evolution, how to improve your trading results and move towards your trading goals faster!

The trading quiz

The Trading Quiz

Do You Want To Improve Your Trading Results Immediately?

Take this FREE 5 minute quiz to find out how well you are trading and get…

  1. Actionable feedback on your trading approach
  2. FREE focused training based on your responses
  3. Clear direction to improve and stabilise your results
Systematic trading - the perfect workflow for busy independent traders

Systematic Trading – The Perfect Workflow for Busy Independant Traders

Are you sick of spending hours analysing stock charts to find profitable trades?

Do you need more consistent results from your trading?

Ready to make a step change in your trading results?

Click here to watch this free training on how systematic stock trading can transform your results, reduce your stress levels and reduce the amount of time required for you to make money trading stocks! Training is 100% content, no pitch and no optin required! Click the button to watch now…

How to build rock solid confidence in your stock trading systems 1

How To Build Rock Solid Confidence In Your Stock Trading Systems

How To Build Rock Solid Confidence In Your Stock Trading Systems No Matter What The Market Does by…

Discover the most common ‘unseen’ problems most traders have and how to eliminate them so you can trade with confidence.

Learn the 5 principles to building “Go Live” confidence in your trading strategy so you can confidently pull the trigger.

Most traders focus on the wrong things to make more money. The best way to increase profits is something totally unexpected.

The 9 secrets to becoming a profitable global stock trader 1

The 9 SECRETS To Becoming A Profitable Global Stock Trader

DISCOVER The 9 SECRETS To Becoming A Profitable Global Stock Trader by focusing on these 3 areas of your trading:

Learn how to protect your capital despite global uncertainty with these 3 simple secrets.

Never second guess your signals or wonder what you should do next by Systemizing your profits. Transform your trading in 30 min/day.

Most traders have diversification wrong. Learn the 3 secrets to diversify on multiple dimensions so you can profit in all market conditions and sleep well at the same time.

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