There are a myriad of trading books available and there are a lot of extremely good ones you can use accelerate your learning. However, the challenge is to identify the few books that will really make a difference in your trading right now.

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Like any topic, there is a lot of garbage available too – just look in the stock market section of any book store and you will see. The key for all stock traders, futures traders and forex traders is to select the right books which will accelerate your learning and avoid those with vague untested ideas.

I have read over 150 books on trading and skimmed many many more than that…Just like in trading results, 5-10 of those 150 books added the most value by far. Many more than that were total rubbish or even deceptive!

It is generally possible to find a few good nuggets of information or ideas you can use in most books on trading, but there are a few standout texts that should be included on EVERY trader’s bookshelf. These are:

Best Trading Books – Compulsory Reading 




Thomas Stridsman


There are trading book reviews which you can link to below. These book reviews highlight whether each should be compulsory reading and the key areas of value you can expect to find in the book.

Is there a great trading book that has really helped or influenced you? Tell us about it in the comments below.

Outstanding Trading Authors: 

There are quite a number of outstanding trading authors. I have listed the ones I consider to be the best below. You can follow the links to check out their books on Amazon. I recommend all of these authors depending on exactly which topic you are looking for.

Van Tharp Curtis Faith Thomas Stridsman Richard Weissman Robert Pardo Martin Pring Ari Kiev Lars Kestner Brett Steenbarger Art Collins Tushar Chande Charles Le Beau Larry Williams Jim Rogers Mark Douglas John Forman Guy Cohen Max Ansbacher Ryan Jones Jack Schwager

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