The very best trading books are rich with insights that every trader or aspiring trader should be aware of. If you are new to trading and committed to your learning journey then we suggest you start growing your trading library.

Best trading books │ compulsory reading

The best trading books make a world of difference…are your bookshelves filled with trading books like these?

There are thousands of trading books available, however there is a lot of low quality and unoriginal material which you need to sift through in most of these. The trading books that we have listed below are all extremely well written, thought provoking and present many original ideas. These are the best of the best and should be on the bookshelf of all serious traders, especially those who use a trading system.

On our bookshelves, these have been read and re-read, marked up, highlighted and are referenced regularly for inspiration and direction on our trading journey. In fact, some of these are so useful that they remain permanently on the desk rather than in the library because they are used so often.

Great trading books motivate, inspire and give hope to new and experienced traders alike. We have selected these books from the hundreds that we have read and skimmed. To Qualify for our ‘compulsory reading’ list these trading books have been instrumental in growing our understanding of the markets, ourselves, trading systems and ultimately our profitability.

The best trading books should be the primary focus of your self education efforts. The insights you will gain from these books is far more comprehensive than you could ever hope to gain from a $5000 seminar. If you are like us, you will read these again and again as your understanding of trading, the markets, trading systems and trading system development grows.

The books we recommend on our compulsory reading list will help propel you towards trading success and profitability no matter what trading strategy. It may take a while to get through them, but it will be well worth it and your understanding of the trading game will take an amazing leap forward as a result.




Thomas Stridsman


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