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Some things seem a lot scarier than they really are.

This is the Sky Walk, and there’s about 260 meters below me. And fear can really get the better of you because it’s perfectly safe, there’s a big thick chunk of glass right here, but it’s [inaudible] plays with your mind and it’s a lot like the markets, you know, when things happen and go crazy in the markets, the fear can really get the better of you and you need to have absolute confidence in your trading system so that you can follow it consistently with discipline, no matter how scary the markets seem to be, because it’s in those times of fear that the real results come for you as a trader.

And so being a systematic trader makes a huge difference because you can just follow the system. The challenge is though, you need to have enough confidence in that system, and that’s why you need to learn to back test properly and really interrogate the performance of your system, because if it don’t, it’ll get the better of you when things start to get a bit wild, when you go into draw down or when the market is heading in the wrong direction.

So if you need help learning to back test, click the link below and find out more about the trader success system. Because in the trader success system, I show you exactly how to back test and build absolute confidence in your trading system so that you can follow the rules no matter what the market is doing. No matter how scary it seems to all these other retail traders out there who are losing money, it will give you the edge so that you can be profitable in the markets.

My name’s Adrian Reid. This is Enlightened Stock Trading and I’ll see you in the trading success system. Bye for now.

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