What should you do next if you want to learn more about systematic trading?

There are two things that you can do. If you’re a new trader and you like the idea of this systematic trading, then what I’m going to encourage you to do is check out my program, which is called System Trader Launchpad.

System Trader Launchpad is a program that in six weeks will basically launch your stock trading career. You’ve got a couple of people in the program in this call that will recommend it. It’s an awesome way to get started at systematic trading. In just six weeks, you can find out if it’s for you, you can understand how systems work and why they work, learn about back-testing and get started safely. If you’re more advanced and you want to diversify your portfolio, learn about really the depth and the guts of back-testing optimization and diversify quickly with lots of different trading systems, then the next thing you could do is look at and join the Trader Success System.

The Trader Success System is my more advanced program. It goes into much more depth about back-testing and optimization and checking stability of the systems and robustness testing and all of these things to make sure you build maximum confidence. There’s a link here for the Trader Success System so you can find out more.

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