I’m excited to share with you some key highlights from my latest Weekly Market Update, a comprehensive overview of the current state of global markets… in a NEW VIDEO FORMAT this week, I am so keen to hear what you think.

To get a complete understanding of all the trends and how they might be impacting your trading strategy, watch the full video on YouTube (make sure you give it a thumbs up to help everyone see it!)

Super busy? Here are a couple of quick highlights…

This week the NASDAQ is leading the US stock markets with a 3.2% gain. While the S&P 500 also shows promise with a 1.8% increase, the dominance of technology in driving market gains is undeniably clear.

Internationally, the All Ordinaries in Australia remains relatively flat, with small caps showing a 2.5% rise, offering a glimmer of hope for trend followers. Meanwhile, the Japanese market emerges as a strong contender, showcasing significant growth over the past year.

My favourite market at the moment is Hong Kong. It is still in a clear down trend and all but one of my short positions are in profit. I do get some perverse pleasure in profiting from a falling market 😉

In the realm of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin’s movement has been somewhat flat, showing that the market had largely anticipated last week’s Bitcoin ETF approvals. However, the broader crypto market remains robust, with some altcoins demonstrating strength. The market has been volatile though and my crypto accounts are just off their recent highs at the moment.

These market dynamics underscore the importance of diversification across strategies, sectors and geographical boundaries. For traders like you, this means exploring opportunities beyond your comfort zone, whether it’s in different stock markets or in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Personally not a lot going on for me last week as it was my first week back “in the office” so I was pretty focused on that…


After watching the video you may have been thinking “It looks like Adrian has lost even more hair”… you would be right!

No, it is not the stress of one week back at my desk. I just thought I would drop from a ‘Number 2’ to a ‘Number 1’… I have never done a public haircut poll, but comment on the video with ‘Number 1’ (shorter) or ‘Number 2’ (longer) or Zero (get rid of it all) to let me know what you think.

Remember, staying informed and flexible in your approach is key to navigating the markets successfully. Let’s make this year a milestone in achieving your trading goals.

Adrian Reid

Founder – Enlightened Stock Trading

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