Amibroker is the best value for money trading software on the market since I use it on my stock trading and even crypto trading. I did a big scan of all the different backtesting platforms, and it has the best functionality for the money you have to spend on it. It’s not free since it costs a few hundred bucks. However, you can also get a fully functional trial for free by downloading it from the website and trying it out there. I would recommend doing that since there is a learning curve to it and getting the backtesting platform is probably not your first step.

The first step is more learning about how systems work and how to backtest. If you want to do that with me, then The System Trader Launchpad is a great way to do that. The System Trader Launchpad teaches you the basics of systems, how they work, gives some system ideas, and takes you through Amibroker. It also teaches you how to backtest in Amibroker, and how to run the system get you started in your stock trading journey. The program is the introduction to get you into systematic trading with confidence. Therefore, that’s the best place to look first and then go to the trading software once you know what to do.

If you get the trading software first, what always happens is you start playing with the trading software even before you know the strategy of how to test and develop a system that works. However, it is far more important to have a strategy for doing that and learning it. That comes from either doing a course like The System Trader Launchpad or reading a whole bunch of books and then going into the markets. The priority is to get educated first so that you don’t lose the trading capital that you’ve got. We need to protect the money you’ve got and do that by not going in half-assed.

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