You’ve got to trade carefully when the system tells you to trade. When trading systematically, we follow the rules, so we’re not saying, “I’m holding ETH, but now I want to hold ADA. So I convert my ETH to ADA.” And, “I’m holding ADA, now I want to hold Solana so I convert my ADA to Solana.” In that case, you convert what you want to convert. You will have wide spreads, lots of strange fees which is a real mess, and then get you killed.

What the trading systems do is trade, so if it’s a system that trades against the US Dollar Tether (USDT),  buy an asset against Tether, and then you’ll sell it back to Tether. Then, buy a different one against Tether, and sell it back to Tether when you close the position, and so on—always coming back to the base currency, Tether.

When you buy ETH from the Bitcoin Builder system. You buy ETH with Bitcoin, then sell ETH, and go back to Bitcoin. You buy ADA with Bitcoin, then sell it back to Bitcoin, and so on. You are always coming back to the base currency, which is Bitcoin.

The fees you then get are the commissions on Binance, which are very low. There are other types of fees, where you’re transferring coins between people, where you’re swapping coins and whatever. You don’t need to worry about those because you’re not doing that. You’re constantly returning to the base currency, which will always be US Dollar Tether or Bitcoin. There is a commission, but it’s very low.

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