In my opinion, trading is one of the absolute best ways to earn your living. At its very core, it is simply the buying and selling of financial instruments for profit…but what you get is the life of your dreams!

So why is trading such a great way to make money? Consider this:
• No limit on earnings
• No boss
• No commute to the office
• No manual labour
• No employees
• No customers
• No inventory
• No product to ship
• Not limited by the economy
• Low cost of entry
• Mentors to guide your way
• Start small and grow – fast

Most traders aim is to build wealth and enough income to create and amazing life. But what most traders fail to do is design their trading systems to give them that amazing life.

Why do they do this?

Because they become prey to the marketing of the industry – and then they do what profits the industry not what makes them money.

Trade to give you money and free time – don’t compromise!

I would never be a day trader. Why? Because I trade to give myself an awesome life, and you can’t have an awesome life if you spend all day every day staring at the computer screen making trading decisions. What is the point of becoming a trader if it doesn’t give you the life you want?

A trading system life is one which allows you to run your system in a small amount of time each day and spend the rest of your time enjoying life. My trading system life allows me to be where I want, when I want. I can work from home, or the local café. I can move around the world with my family and still make money.

What sort of life do you want?

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