Mt Kilimanjaro – only a mere 5859m tall, majestic, daunting. Usually reserved for EXPERIENCED climbers only.

So did I spend months of preparation and fly all the way to Africa to scale it with my wife, Stephanie back in 2016?

Here’s why: It’s NEVER about the mountain. It’s about what it REPRESENTS.

For me, that’s pushing myself out my comfort zone and observing my emotions and thoughts as they surface.

See, in the stock-trading game, we only earn as far as our own personal development.

The more resistance you beat inside yourself …

… the more self-sabotage you exterminate

… the more “litte voice talk” you control

… the more money you make!

I went through this same process during my 18+ year stock-trading journey.

I purged and cleansed myself of the inner chains that held me back.

This Kili climb – I know – will do the same for me.

In the end, I know it will give me more clarity, inner peace, presence, confidence, determination, persistence…

Things all great traders need.

How are YOU challenging yourself today, so you can BE, DO and EARN more tomorrow?


Why This Enlightened Stock Trader Is Risking Life And Limb To Climb A Darn Tall Mountain — Adrian and Stephanie Hiking


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