Amibroker is a fantastic trading software package for backtesting and analysing trading system performance. But like all trading software there are some quirks that can be frustrating until you work out how to eliminate them.

This video explains an ultra simple fix for one of the most common complaints when analysing chart behaviour and indicators in Amibroker.

When you are frustrated by little niggly issues like this, it makes it difficult to learn Amibroker AFL and other more complex functionality, so if there is anything else like this that is frustrating you, leave me a comment below and I’ll let you know how to fix it.

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Hi, Adrian Reid here, Founder of Enlightened Stock Trading with a super quick Amibroker tip to help you in your trading day.

Now, I don’t know about you, but there’s a couple of really frustrating things about the software Amibroker. It’s super powerful, really useful, great trading tool, but every now and then there’s just something that just makes you go aaah! There’s one of them that just really bugs me, and I just found the solution for it, I wanted to share it with you because it’s super useful. So have a look at my screen here, and see how you hover your mouse over the price chart and a little data window comes up. Now I don’t know, I use this a lot to write down prices and everything, like what was the opening price and… Shit, it just disappeared! It’s just gone. And you have to move the mouse again and get it to come back up. And there it is.

Okay. So I’m trying to write down the open price or the high price or the low price, if I’m trying to do a calculation for positions and it’s gone again! It’s so annoying. But, the great news is there’s a really simple way to fix it so that you don’t have that frustration. So all you got to do is in Amibroker, go up to Tools and Preferences and go to Miscellaneous. It’s really hidden in here and see this, data tip auto hide timeout seconds, by default it’s set to five seconds. So let me change this to 15 seconds and let’s see what happens.

Okay, cool. So now we can hover over this and look, the price comes up and I can keep talking to you. I can write down my price, look at the little highs here and the low’s there and do my calculation. And it’s still there. It’s going to stay there for 15 seconds now. So just that simple tweak I find makes life so much easier day-to-day because I’m very often… See, it’s gone now. So that took 15 seconds to go. But I’m really often trying to come up with ideas, looking at what the process were, comparing the stock price to the indicator values and this sort of thing to try and come up with system ideas, to help with my back testing. And just that one little shift, that one little change in the Amibroker settings makes that so much more relaxing.

So I hope that helps. My name’s Adrian Reid, founder of Enlightened Stock Trading, helping you with Amibroker tips. That’s all for this video. Bye for now.

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