Introduction To The Stock Average Calculator

Our stock average calculator is a useful tool for traders looking to calculate the average price paid for a stock over multiple purchases. This powerful tool, also known as an average cost basis calculator, can help you make informed decisions taking into account the average price paid for your stocks. In addition to giving you this useful trading calculator, we will also discuss the benefits of using a stock average calculator, explain how it works, and explore scenarios where it proves most useful.

The Stock Average Calculator

Stock Average Calculator
Total Shares Purchased
Average Price $Per Share

Understanding the Stock Average Formula

The formula used for the stock average calculator finds the average purchase price across multiple transactions. By using a stock average calculator, traders can easily calculate their average cost basis, helping them assess their current position and make decisions about averaging down or up or just to use the stock average price for tax record keeping purposes. The formula takes into account the purchase price, the number of shares, and the date for each transaction.

For each purchase the stock average calculator multiplies the purchase price by the number of shares purchased. Each of these values are added together and then the total is divided by the total number of shares purchased. This gives the average stock price for all of your purchases.

When to Use a Stock Average Calculator

Traders can use the stock average calculator to track their average stock price when they make multiple purchases of the same stock at different prices. This is useful for your record keeping for tax purposes as well as when making averaging down or scaling in (pyramiding) decisions. This information helps you decide whether to average down (buy more shares when the stock price is lower) or average up (buy more shares when the stock price is higher), depending on market conditions and your analysis of the stock.

How Does the Stock Average Calculator Work?

A stock average calculator works by taking the data you input (each purchase price, number of shares at each purchase price), and calculates the average purchase price and total investment. 


Using a stock average calculator is a useful tool for traders looking to manage their positions effectively, especially when reporting for tax, averaging down and scaling into positions. Use this quick and easy calculator to save time in each of these situations.

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