Here is a photo of the New York Stock Exchange… Why is this interesting?

New York Stock Exchange - Remember There Are Real People Behind The Buying And Selling In The Stock Market

New York Stock Exchange – Remember there are real people behind the buying and selling in the stock market. This brings emotion which means YOU can profit!

The reason was with all this online stock trading, automated trading and online stock brokers, it is easy to forget that there are real people with real emotions behind every move in the market.

The great thing about that is no matter how online things are, there will always be crowd emotions at play in the stock market (at least until robots and computers are doing all the trading anyway).


But emotions bring bubbles and crashes I hear you say!! Isn’t that bad?

NO – as long as they are NOT YOUR EMOTIONS!!

The reason is us traders can profit by taking our emotions out of our stock trading decisions using a trading system. So we can profit while the masses are losing their heads…and their money!

Trade Profitably! Trade with a back tested, profitable stock trading system. Trading with a trading system is one of the 10 Commandments For Profitable Stock Trading.

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