I’m not sure what it is about trading and the financial markets that people think, “Oh, I’ll just quit my job, and trade for a living.” It’s like, “What? I’ll just quit my job and become a brain surgeon.” No you won’t because you’ll kill a few people while you’re learning, and then you won’t ever get a job as a brain surgeon. People also come to the markets thinking, “Oh, I’ll make some money, and then I’ll pay for the course to become a trader.” That’s like practising brain surgery to pay for medical school. That doesn’t work either; you have to learn first. When most people realize this, they think that it’s too hard. But the fantastic thing about trading and the markets is that it’s worth the learning. It’s worth the time, energy and investment to learn because once you know, you’ve got decades where you can make money with extra skill.

If I taught someone a trading system, it might take a couple of weeks to teach them how to trade systematically and teach them that system, or a couple of months if they want to get everything out of my head and learn to trade. But after that, they’re independent forever and they can trade. My trading takes 20 minutes a day or less most days. It doesn’t matter if I’m trading $10,000 or $10 million. It takes the same amount of time. It’s amazingly scalable, which is beautiful because it means you can keep growing your wealth and building. However, you don’t have to take more and more time. If you get a promotion at work, that usually comes with extra responsibility, more work, more hours and stress, but trading is not like that.

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