You can encounter many challenges on the road to being a successful Trader, so it’s a good idea to watch out for the warning signs. Difficulties that arise through unnecessary mistakes, getting caught out by market volatility, and being inundated with noise on the latest crazes, to name a few, can divert you from your trading plan and have some serious repercussions on your trading profitability.

My goal with this article is to put you ahead of the game and accelerate your trading success, by showing you some of the most common things that can be obstacles on your road to becoming a successful trader and give some directions to save you time and keep you safe on that journey.

Trader warning signs - high voltage (market volatility)

There’s nothing more certain than that the markets are uncertain!
Volatile markets become quiet markets and quiet markets become volatile markets, so you need to be prepared for the High Voltage of market volatility that goes on in the financial world for you to trade consistently and profitably. Click here to learn how…

2. Crowd Control (Market Noise)

Trader warning signs - crowd control (market noise)

Making trading decisions based on random advice from apps, news or tipsters is never a smart move… you might as well throw a dart at the dartboard because that would at least eliminate your psychology from the equation.  The best way to be consistently profitable is to trade with a solid system and ignore the crazy Market Noise! Click this link to learn more…

3. Flood Warning (Info Overload)

Trader warning signs - flood warning (info overload)

There is so much information in the market nowadays… data feeds, real-time newsfeed, analysts report, broker recommendations, signal services, websites, blogs, chat forums, and Facebook; Traders are overloaded and need a way to get through the flood of info to achieve consistent and profitable trading. The best way to eliminate this noise is to build confidence in your own trading system. Click here to learn how… 

4. Slippery When Wet (Slippage)

Trader warning signs - slippery when wet (slippage)

One problem that all traders face is how to control slippage… whether you face it on day one or sometime in the next few years, eventually, it will need to be addressed as you grow as a trader. In this article you will learn how to control slippage…

5. Wildlife Crossing (Bear)

Trader warning signs - wildlife crossing (bear)

We all love Riding the Bull when the trend is hot but there are no guarantees; the market can move against you at any given time so it’s vital that you learn to Tame the Bear and know how to manage your risk and survive and thrive in a bear market. Click here to learn how to survive in a bear market…

6. Stop (Mistakes)

Trader warning signs - stop (mistakes)

You may be committing trading mistakes that hugely impact your profitability. A trading mistake is anything you do, or don’t do, that is inconsistent with your trading plan and that costs you money unnecessarily; so it’s time to stop them in their tracks! Click this link to learn how…

7. Under Construction (Building Systems)

Trader warning signs - under construction (building systems)

Getting your trading system development right is critical to profitability. Carrying out a methodical strategic process will yield a robust tradable system much more quickly that the alternative. Click this link to learn how…

8. Under Surveillance (Privacy/Security)

Trader warning signs - under surveillance (privacysecurity)

Trading is definitely not something you should engage in with a ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ attitude, and that is never more evident than when it comes to setting up your security!

There are a couple of really important things to consider when looking for the best way to stay safe – the security of your exchange you choose and the security of your device. Click this link to learn more…

9. Detour (Getting Waylaid)

Trader warning signs - detour (getting waylaid)

It can be so hard to improve your trading when there are so many different things to consider, and it can be really complicated and confusing to know exactly which way to turn.  What’s needed is a simple and clear direction on how to improve your trading processes and results, by identifying and focusing on exactly what steps you need to take. Read this article show you how to improve fast without distraction…

10. No Free Parking (Diversification)

Trader warning signs - no parking (diversification)

Most people have heard the old saying “Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket” and recognise that diversification is a good idea… Problem is, some don’t understand what diversification really is and get caught out staying on a single level, when in fact there are multiple levels to explore and take advantage of. Discover what diversification really means in this article

11. Roundabout (Not getting anywhere)

Trader warning signs - roundabout (not getting anywhere)

You’re always going to have conflicting signals if you’re a discretionary trader and use technical or fundamental analysis, which can lead you to going around in circles chasing different ideas and not really getting anywhere. 

The only real way to get off the roundabout is to adopt a systematic approach that gives you clear directions, in the form of rules that you have back-tested, and that you can follow consistently over time, so you consistently make money.

Read this article to find out what to do when you get conflicting signals…

12. Exit (Stop Loss)

Trader warning signs - exit (stop loss)

A Stop Loss is the most useful tool to limit trading losses, but a lot of new traders do not learn to limit their losses.  Limiting losses and protecting capital is the key to first surviving and then trading profitably. No trader will remain consistently profitable until they learn how to control their losses. Learn how to use stops correctly to improve your trading here

13. Byways and Highways (No Direction)

Trader warning signs - byways and highways (no direction)

Sometimes asking for directions is as easy as clicking… to get past your Road Blocks click HERE and join one of my programs to fast-track your learning and be trading consistently and profitably within a few short weeks!

14. Do Not Enter (Fads and Crazes)

Trader warning signs - do not enter (fads and crazes)

There are certain things in the trading world which immediately set off my warning bells… if you get pitched an idea with promises of getting rich quick, then it’s probably too good to be true.  Before entering into anything, educate yourself about the strategy, be cautious, and never go all in! Read this article to learn why Forex trading is one of those areas to be very wary of…

15. 0 to 110km/hr (Model for Success)

Trader warning signs - 0 to 110kmhr (model for success)

Get past the dead ends, false starts, and internet scams, and accelerate your trading success with this simple model to accelerate your trading results – Click here to read now!


I hope this has shown you that even if you’ve smacked right into one of more of these signs, with some clear directions and a little encouragement, you can make a U-Turn and get back on your way to being a confident Systematic Trader in no time… after all, overcoming obstacles is often the best part of any journey.

If you have more questions or concerns about trading, please comment below.

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