Yes, it’s possible, but you need to test it, see how well it performs, and check if you’re comfortable with that stock market system. Different stock markets have different personalities and move differently. The reason they do that is that there are different types of companies.

There are different companies, market participants, exchange rules, cultures in other countries, etc. That is why a strategy that works well in one market may or may not work in a different stock market. The key is always to test first. If, for example, you’ve got a trend following strategy for Australia and you’ll trade in European exchange, you need to get the data, download it, and then backtest the strategy in Europe. Next, you’ll have to fine-tune that strategy to work in that market. Then, if it works and is sufficiently profitable, you can trade it. However, taking one strategy and blindly applying it across many different stock markets won’t work.

The Freight Train system is a solid trend following system that grinds out profits from big long trends. That system works in Australia, the US, Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, South Korea, London, and a few European stock markets, but the settings for each one is a little bit different. So make sure that you test it first, take those rules, fine-tune it, and optimize for your market. Otherwise, you’ll be leaving a lot of money on the table.

Some markets have longer trends than others. Also, some markets move a little bit more explosively than others, so backtest your system and see if it works in that stock market. If it does, trade it. If it doesn’t, find another system.

When you’re trading stocks, whatever you do in the financial markets, please don’t do it blindly. Do it with data. Do it with backtested results to support the decision.

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