First of all, you don’t, there’s no compulsion. You don’t have to keep doing the development. If you can just maintain, do the maintenance, and just, follow the process in place, the trades you’re ahead of the game because you’ve really done some work that allows you will allow your trading to grow your account to grow as you follow the process and the development is like nice icing on the cake, it’s extra.

So you do it when you can, and you don’t do it when you can’t. One of the things I’ve learned. Is that trying to do it when psychologically, emotionally, physically, I can’t do it, or I’m not in a state to do it, just breeds frustration. I find that I really need to put myself in the right state, the right mental and physical state, to make it worth the time and effort.

If I sit down. And I’m feeling down, I’m feeling negative, or I’m I’m exhausted. I can’t think clearly. Trying to do system development is hopeless. You don’t make good decisions, or at least I don’t. I don’t have creative ideas. I don’t make breakthroughs. So I think forcing it is a bad idea, but learning and practicing for me, what’s really important is practicing, getting back into the state where I can do it.

And my solution was to do stood back from it. I changed the focus. I did some exercise and I did something completely different. Which started to free up my mind again and got me back in the game back a bit more positive. So we don’t always have to be in the state to be developing and testing and backtesting and so on.

I think it’s okay to admit we’re not in that state right now and do something else.

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