Welcome to this week’s market update! Not all that much happening, and as I sat down to write this update this email caught my eye that really annoyed me… so I thought I would create a special video for you to tell you all about it.

Some good trading lessons in this one – Click here to watch it now

Trade size nightmare

There has been a whole sea of green in the global stock markets in the last week… but this strength (except maybe the remarkable rally in Shanghai) is nothing compared to the strength in the Crypto markets. Crypto is running hard with Bitcoin over $52k as I write this.

If you are on the edge thinking about getting into crypto, please don’t let this bull market leave you behind… but also don’t just ape in like a Neanderthal… check out The Crypto Success System for a proven portfolio of systems and simple, clear instructions on how to trade Crypto systematically.


Interestingly in Hong Kong we have now seen two higher lows on the index price and the market is about to break resistance, so this lovely bear market I have been raving about might be about to end… or at least take a break for a while.

But I hate predicting these things, I much rather just follow my systems and leave the predictions to the talking heads

Hongkong market

STOCK MARKET UPDATE |Something Really $%&!ed Me Off This Week…One Super Strong Market and an Infestation of Little Green Monsters - Table of Contents

🤔Market Curiosity:

I am dreaming up an interesting system idea that is a combination of rotational momentum and long term trend trading. If you have done anything like this before and would like to kick around some ideas with me, comment below and let me know.

📈Trading Tip of The Week:

Be careful where you get your training from… in my video, I have a good old vent about how one of the crypto exchanges is encouraging terrible trading behaviour because it is in their interests to do so. Be careful what advice you take and always backtest everything!

🏆Member of the Week:

Our Trader Success System member of the week this week is Lee.

Lee has only recently joined our amazing Community and has made an outstanding start on her Traders Journey. She’s been, asking great questions in the Forum and on our Live session, and is already sharing ideas and building momentum!

Stellar effort Lee, keep up the great work!

📰News From EST:

The Online Trading Mastery Conference that I spoke at on the weekend was EPIC!

There were over 500 registered for the event and I got dozens of emails after the event thanking me for my presentation… and over 200 new traders joined the EST community, so it was a HUGE success. I am hoping to get a copy of the recording of my session to share with you, but I will keep you posted on that.

Something big is coming very very soon and I can’t wait. The team and I are working our backsides off to bring you something amazing and you will hear all about on the upcoming weekend.

🏠On the Home Front:

These pesky little guys are eating my aquaponics garden… leaving little holes in my lettuce, ruining the rocket, chewing the tomatoes. If you have any sure fire remedies to get rid of them that won’t kill my fish I would love to hear it!

On the home front

In other news, I had another surfing lesson on the weekend. Quick summary – crap waves, tiring rip, stood up a few times, I have a long way to go!

Have a great week 😁📈

Remember – You’re only one system away!

Adrian Reid

Founder – Enlightened Stock Trading

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