Trading Books: Beating the Financial Futures Market: Combining Small Biases Into Powerful Money Making Strategies

Author: Art Collins
Publisher: Wiley
Year: 2006

Topics Covered: 

  • The Problem with Non-Mechanical Trading
  • Why Doesn’t Spontaneous Trading Work? Why Is It So Hard for Someone to Profit by Merely Using His Head?
  • Identifying Simple Biases
  • Close versus Closing Averages
  • The Four Rules of Prudent Optimization
  • Two-Day versus Five-Day Averages
  • Fifty-Day Order of Extreme Highest/Lowest Closes
  • Combining the First Three Basic Indicators
  • Cuing Off Relative Range Sizes 
  • Fifteen-Day High/Low Averages
  • Combining All Five Indicators 
  • Other Combinations of the Five Basic Indicators
  • Two More Open-to-Close Biases
  • Cups and Caps
  • Three-Day 20 Percent Support-Resistance Indicator
  • The Eight Indicator System
  •  Entering on Stops and Limits
  • Some General Observations about Stops
  • The Pros and Cons of Price Targets
  • Other Applications of the Two High/Low Exit Technique
  • On Further Optimization, Market Drift, and Virgin Data
  • Targeting Sectors
  • Index Biases Part One—Days of the Week
  • Index Biases Part Two—Days of the Month
  • Index Biases Part Three—Month of the Year Indicator
  • Index Biases Part Four—Combining Day of Week, Monthly, and Previous Eight Indicators
  • The Dow-Spoo Spread
  • Intraday Day Trading Part One: The Most Significant Price in Your Arsenal
  • Intraday Part Two—The Switch 
  • Intraday Part Three—An Effective Index Switch
  • Intraday Part Four—A Financial Switch
  • Intraday Part Five—Four Combined Entry Signals in the Indexes
  • What to Do after Five Closes in the Same Direction
  • Some Additional Fade Ideas
  • Another Look at N Day and an Alternative Stop Approach
  • Taking On the Axioms Part One—The RSI Indicator
  • Taking On the Axioms Part Two—The Reversal Day Indicator
  • Potpourri—Systems as I Discover and/or Rediscover Them—In No Particular Order
  • The Six Signal Indicator
  • Combining the Non–Either-Or Indicators
  • Six Signals Plus Non–Either-Or—Putting It All Together

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Trading book review_beating the financial futures market_art collins

Trading Book Review of ‘Beating the Financial Futures Market: Combining Small Biases Into Powerful Money Making Strategies’ by Art Collins:

This book was a huge influence on my own approach to systematic trading. My copy is covered in handwritten notes, learnings and realizations from my multiple readings of the book. What I loved is how Art Collins identifies and analyzes simple (but not obvious) edges in many different markets and demonstrates how to build them into complete systems. This trading book is a must-read for any systematic trader looking for ideas and inspiration for new rules and edges in the market regardless of which markets you trade. I have read it cover to cover at least 5 times! If you have other trading books that you can recommend then please leave me a comment below and I will make a review about it!

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