First contact was stock trading I got when I was 16 at an internship at a small insurance guy. He did a lot of technical analysis and a lot of chart reading and stuff. At that point I really liked it, but I lost touch with that. Then through my studies I did an internship at Institutional Asset Management Division from a private bank in Germany, Berenberg Bank. They did everything systematically. They did overlay strategy, hatching strategy, and timing strategies. Most of the strategies were really simple.

I remember they talked about currency overlays, they said “this is a great strategy of ours. It’s just a simple moving average of the 200 days, I think it was and it works very well on this pair, and this is our portfolio of different strategies, and this is how we manage the risk.”

I was standing there like “simple is key.” That got me hooked with systematic trading. I love systems not only for trading, but I also love systematic stuff. Frames where I can work with and where I can put thoughts into catching behavioral patterns on the market and it greatly fascinates me. The most interesting part for me is deep diving research for new strategy’s behavior. That’s what makes the fun part. Of course, you want to live for it to make money but what fulfils me is the research part.

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