Walking on the Joshua Tree National Park in California today – Some plants grow only in one unique location and others, as my daughter observed, grow everywhere in many countries all over the world.

Some plants are so robust they grow anywhere… there is a very important trading lesson in this!

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You haven’t been to an environment that is just totally foreign to you and, uh, haven’t really known what to expect and didn’t recognize this set of trees and plants, animals that are around. So I’m walking in Joshua Tree National Park in California. Hey, fascinating. So said I’m surrounded by a sort of bouldery kind of hills. And then on the flat in the valley, there’s all of these, uh, Joshua trees, which I don’t know what they had. They kind of like, um, Palmy tree sort of things with spiky tops. But what’s interesting is, is such a diverse, unique range of plant life in here. And I haven’t seen anywhere else. And yet amongst that, there’s also some plants that are very recognizable that, uh, everywhere. And, uh, my daughter asks me why at these plans every way. She was pointing to these little yellow flowers and we even have a home in Australia.
And she said, why are they everywhere? And I was thinking about it and I, you know, I think the most robust, um, plants and animals are the ones that live in the broadest range of environments. Right? So if you, um, if the plant was a required a very specific range of environmental conditions, it’s only going to live in a very narrow range of areas. And same with animals. Um, but some plants, like I don’t if you can see this yellow flowers down there, but they survive everywhere, all over the place, all over the world. And don’t me thinking about trading as well. And just like in trading, you know, a robust trading system that works across a wide range of market conditions is really what you want. You know, you don’t want to a very highly specialized system because when you’ve got that highly specialized system, it works when it’s in tune with the market, but then it loses a ton of money when it’s not interfering with the market.
And so when you’re thinking about trading system design, you want to be like the plants that are everywhere. I like the little yellow flowers and the weeds that grow all over the world. You want your system to be like that. You don’t want your system to be like, you know, the strange, unique trees that only seem to grow in one part of the world. So robust, solid trading systems that work across a wide range of conditions. That’s the key to profiting in all different market environments. Again, my name’s Adrian Reid. I’m in the Joshua tree national park on a well two or with my family, and this is a line of stock trading to your next video. Bye for now.

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