Brave New Coin is the best source of crypto data for backtesting and developing your cryptocurrency trading system. In this post I will explain why, how to subscribe and how to import your crypto data into Amibroker for backtesting.

I use the Brave New Coin crypto data for system development, testing and optimization. For day to day trading I use data directly from the exchanges I trade with.

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The process for importing Brave New Coin data into Amibroker for backtesting is illustrated in the screenshots below…

1. Download the single CSV file from the Nasdaq Data Link website

    2. Open Amibroker, and create a new database specifically for the BNC data

      Create a new Amibroker database for your BNC Crypto Data

      3. Use the Amibroker Import Wizard to Import the BNC Cryptocurrency Data

        Use the Amibroker Import Wizard to import your BNC Crypto Data - - Step 1
        Use the Amibroker Import Wizard to import your BNC Crypto Data - - Step 2

        4. Create a Watchlist for the ‘GWA’ Tokens for Backtesting

          Add GWA tokens to New watchlist in Amibroker

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