I’ve been trying pretty hard to keep learning in the last couple of years. I did go through a long phase where I  just   knew what I knew and I just did that. And I really think I left a lot of money on the table when I was doing that. And a lot of future wealth because, now I’m learning things that I could have learned years ago because I’m a bit more, engaged in all of that.

And I think it’s really important for everyone just to keep growing, right? Who else has found that when you approach trading with the mindset of.

Everything is going to work and it’s, and my process is right. And nothing’s going to go wrong. That frustration results versus when you approach it with the mindset that things will go wrong and I can handle it, that it’s far easier to navigate. Has anyone else felt that way? Yeah, I was actually today I was playing with the the automation, trying to put a few more of my systems into it.

And I ran it. It’s oh, that didn’t work. Crap. What happened? And so I played around with it. It’s oh, the data is not updated. Oh, and then it’s just like this whole cascade of oh, that’s interesting. Oh, I wonder why that happened. Oh, look at that. Oh, that was different than I expected.

And I was like, Took about like 15 leaps of observation, logic, and curiosity to get to the root cause of the problem. Holy shit, if I was operating under the belief that everything was going to go smoothly, I would have given up and just took about two hours to figure out the problem. And it was something completely innocuous at the end of the day. But if I was operating under the belief that everything was going to go smoothly. I would have had the shittiest day in history, because it was just, frustration after frustration of things not working. But instead, I took this idea of curiosity and going, Oh, what?

Oh, what happened? Where’s you know, and just got to the root of the core of the problem eventually. And then it was just a matter of going, Ah, okay, I just need to flick this little switch and everything works again. So I think that curiosity rather than expectation that curiosity about what’s going wrong rather than expectation that things are going to go right for me is the key.


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